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mobile chat application development

Are you in need of providing your employees a convenient method of communicating with each other? If so, then a mobile chat application is what you need. When it comes to mobile apps, Sunvera Software, is one of the best in this industry.

Our company specializes in all aspects of mobile app development including chat apps and our main goal is to offer our clients the best chat apps there are. We believe that our expertise is highly needed in this industry, especially since more and more people are realizing the importance of chat apps in running their business. So, we are here to make your communication goals a reality.

We work with passion from start to finish

Regardless of whether you need iPhone app development or Android app development services, rest assured that we would work on your chat app with passion. After all, we know that doing something that you love or doing something you are passionate about will surely provide fruitful and satisfying results. From the conceptualization phase to submission phase, you can be assured that it would reflect our passion in our work.

We make mobile chat apps for different industries

Unlike other mobile app development companies, we have a unique methodology when it comes to developing mobile chat apps and this allows us to develop apps that can meet your needs. We can provide you many-to-one-chat, one-on-one chat, peer-to-peer chat and even service chat rooms. It’s not that we only offer our apps to a single industry… when in fact, we provide chat apps to the healthcare, e-commerce and education industry to name a few. So, we can fulfill your mobile chat app goals.

Professional looking chat app made with our 15 years of experience in mobile app development

Of course, you have decided to seek help from experts like us because you want to have a mobile chat app that looks professional and of course an app that you can be proud of. We also believe that you deserve nothing but the best. So, rest assured that the app we would be developing for you would reflect our 15 years of experience in the mobile application development industry. We assure you that you would think that the money you have spent on the app would be worth it when you trust our expertise and knowledge as an industry expert.

How we develop mobile chat applications
  • Conceptualization
    As a mobile app design company, first, we would be asking you about what kind of mobile app, that has a chat ability, you have in mind. Through this process, we would be able to know what you want and what you are expecting, resulting in our being able to provide you a chat app that meets your requirements, standards and preferences. In this process, we also conduct market research and analysis on the latest trends in the industry to offer our clients something new, trendy and of course, useful.
    For us, the conceptualization process is very important as it serves as the basis of the chat apps we would be developing. Also, apart from the research we conduct, we see to it that all our apps have been the product out of designers and programmer’s collective minds. This allows us to go the extra mile just so we would be able to provide you the best chat app possible.
  • Workflow and Wire-frame Design
    After the conceptualization phase, has been done, we would then proceed to the workflow and wireframe design, which we consider very important in planning the functionality and structure of the chat app we would be developing for our you. When you choose our company, you are given an assurance that you have chosen a company having all the necessary tools that app developers should have, especially in creating the workflow and wireframe design that then helps us organize the elements and content of the mobile chat app that you wish to have.
  • Coding
    Of course, just simply having the design would be useless if it’s not implemented through coding. With that, we have an excellent team of programmers to work on the mobile app development coding phase for your app. This gives you the confidence that your app would work just as you expected.
  • QA
    We develop not just a mobile chat app for we develop truly quality mobile chat apps and we do this through ensuring the quality of the apps that we are developing. We would be testing the app to ensure that all its features are working correctly. In addition to that, we pay close attention every stage of the development process to ensure that the desired quality level of the app is met.
  • Submission to App Stores
    If in case you are unfamiliar of the process in submitting mobile chat apps on app stores or you just want to remove the burden of having to submit it yourself, then there is nothing for you to worry about regarding that matter. This is because as a mobile app design company, we also consider it as our responsibility to submit them for you. Thus, it would be safe to say that we indeed offer you services that are far more complete as compared to what other app development in Orange County companies offer.

More than anything else, we give you an assurance that every chat app that we make is built in accordance to the highest standards of the industry. Also, we can make it available for download in just 30 days or even less. Hence, you would surely not regret your decision of engaging to our services, especially since we are genuine in wanting to provide you an app that makes it possible to send and receive messages. Contact Sunvera Software today!