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Mobile Healthcare Application Development

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mobile healthcare application development

Got a concept for mobile healthcare application but do not have the expertise and experience to bring it to life? Then give the Sunvera Software team a call today! Sunvera helps clients build and design mobile health application in accordance to the highest industry standards. With combined experience of more than 15 years in mobile app development, our team lives and breathes application development. Expect a project handled and done right for you.

The Benefits

The Healthcare industry is now recognizing the perks of mobility in the healthcare industry, such as mobile-based applications. With healthcare focused mobile apps, healthcare entities need to deal with less errors, greater communications and much more. Medical applications are the firmest and fastest growing mobile application development industry, with revenues expected to triple or more within the next 2 years. Experts in the medical sector have identified healthcare as among the most under-served field when it comes to mobile application technology, despite being seen as one of the most profitable and largest industries in the developed worldwide economy.

However, the development of such applications might be compromised especially when one was trapped with an app developer who offers inconsistent and unreliable service. A number of vendors present their software’s mobile version, yet such apps are often just replications of their website screens, ending up as inconvenient and heavy on the user experience. Sunvera, as one of the leading provider of app development Orange Country, Ca. ensures the best mobile healthcare development service and provides plethora of advantages including the following:

  • User-friendly UX/UI design – Our team develop elaborated UX patterns. With smooth navigation and comprehensive interface, your employees can handle the needed task through using a one screen, which is less time-consuming and exhausting. We take pride for being a mobile app design company that delivers the best designed applications.
  • Task-oriented approach – To provide easy to use software, our team pay special attention to the purpose of every mobile health care app. The applications are created with the health care requirements in mind.
  • Security Guarantee – Data protection is of paramount importance in the healthcare mobile app development. We guarantee that the clinical information will never be accessed by unauthorized individuals by delivering HIPAA compliant applications.
  • Multiple internal system integration – Our team makes the mobile healthcare application a gateway to other essential solutions in a particular infrastructure in order to deliver additional value to the organization.

Mobile Healthcare App Development Cycle

From the first screen sketch, to the development process down to the application launch, we work to meet the requirements of our clients. The healthcare mobile apps development is done systematically to guarantee quality outcome.

Step 1 – Ideation
To develop quality applications, we need quality and creative input. Our team guides every client through the project’s ideation process. We will guide you from research down to market validation. We help clients know what makes the idea special and how it can be brought to the next level. An experience Sunvera app developer walk clients through the process, giving answers to client’s queries and help move the mobile healthcare add idea forward.

Step 2 – Defining Project’s Scope
Every Android, iPad, and iPhone app development project requires a roadmap, whether it is starting point is a pre-existing application or a raw idea. Our team, in collaboration with the clients, define every part of the healthcare mobile app development process. We define feature sets, decide on platforms, and ensure that the application can ship within the set or required timeframe.

Step 3 – Design
When everything is already set, we proceed to drawing up the wireframes and then mapping the UX or user’s experience. Our UI or user interface designers will create the branding assets, graphical elements and style guide from there.

Step 4 – Mobile Healthcare App Development
This is the phase where we will bring your idea into life. We will ensure a seamless, fast and immersive experience for your target users through setting up the core logic, database, and dynamic screen behaviors. Moreover, to guarantee bug-free and speedy mobile healthcare app experience, we ensure that the app is meticulously tested throughout its development process. Prior to the submission of the actual application or the outcome, we conduct a thorough test of its functionality and performance.

Step 5 – Mobile Health App Launch
We collaborate with our client’s team to make sure that the graphics, marketing material, and app assets are all ready for the public launch.

Step 6 – Growth and Maintenance
Our guidance and service continues after the application’s launch. Once your iPhone or Android app development is finished and goes live, our team switches gears to offer growth guidance and long-term app management. The first wave of app users usually brings an enormous invaluable data. Instead of settling for the status quo, our team continuously fine-tune the feature set in response to the data. This is to make sure that the application adapts to the fast-paced marketplace of mobile and constantly acquire user traction. Turning the starting surge of app downloads into a long-term growth is the most difficult part of mobile healthcare app development. Yet, this is also when our wealth of experience with profitable and scalable start-ups becomes most significant to your team. Sunvera Software prides itself in developing more than just aesthetically appealing apps. We aim to develop full-fledged businesses that have everything they require and need to keep a consistent growth.

Experienced Health App Development in Orange County, Ca

Sunvera’s team of experienced app developers has the knowledge and skills to turn any healthcare mobile app into a commercially viable and fully functional reality. Our team utilize a proven and tested development & refinement process that aids our client’s comprehension and improves the features that set their application apart from their competitors. Our adept software engineers excel in amplifying application functionality, interface design as well as troubleshooting. With our team’s guidance, you will see your mobile healthcare application idea come to life.

Apart from bringing a great mobile healthcare app idea to life, our expert team also works hard to get your app be noticed in the marketplace. Getting the mobile app noticed in the healthcare field is quite challenging considering the huge number of existing applications but with our knowledgeable and skilled software-marketing experts, millions of probable users will definitely notice the application.