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We stick to what we know we do well — application development. Our services include full specifications, documentation and training in the following areas:

  Mobile app development
  iPhone app development
  Android app development
  iBeacon app development
  Mobile app launch checklist
  E-commerce solutions
  Big data solutions
  IoT applications development
  iPad application development
  The future of healthcare is mobile medical apps
  Web-based applications browser based apps

Our relationship with you begins with a meeting. We spend time with you to discuss your vision and ideas. We then prepare for you a project outline, including a quote and time-to-complete estimate.

The team at Sunvera is here to make your dream a reality. We are easy to work with and deliver your application on time and within budget. You tell us what you want and we take it from there. We follow a very strict “keep the client always informed” methodology. That means you remain in the driver’s seat while your app is coming to life.

Sunvera Software takes a multifaceted approach to developing and maintaining software for our customers. The basic steps are outlined below.




We work with the customer to collect the requirements of the system or solution being proposed. The functional specifications will include defining work & user-interaction flows, layout of user elements including performance and security requirements.

Once the functional requirements are outlined, the design process begins, taking into account the various back and front end technologies to be used. During the system design, Sunvera will work with you and your team to ensure that the final product is scalable and modular to accommodate your future needs.

Since we are developers we do need you to provide desired “front-end” graphical design components. This includes templates, styles, images, audio and/or video assets. Sunvera may need to purchase certain assets to ensure you have the necessary license rights.

Once the system is designed from both a functional and graphical view point, development on your software begins. The Sunvera team includes talented individuals located in the U.S., the U.K. and India. This allows us to work faster, keep our prices low and ensure that we always have the best person available on your job. Our international team also helps bridge the time zone gap and avoids unnecessary delays and communications lags.

As each module of your software is completed, testing is performed. The results of the tests are fed back to the development team for any necessary reworking.

As your project nears completion, we will include you and your team in testing it as well as our technicians. This ensures that you are fully involved and aware of exactly how your application will look and run before it is finalized.

Once testing has been completed your application can be deployed. We will work with you to make sure every detail is handled correctly. This will entail the provision of the necessary hardware (or virtual hardware) and the "hardening" of the system to prevent unauthorized access. We will not rest until we are certain that your application is up and running to your satisfaction and that your dream has become a reality.