Why User Experience Matters?

User ExperienceUser experience is the only touchpoint for your customers to know how good your product or service is. They need to know that you are dependable, reliable, knowledgeable, and above all honest.

Let’s understand this with an example – There are two players in the market selling the same product, but what separates one from the other is the user interface. The user experience lays down the foundation for their brand image, which takes years to build and just one mistake to destroy!

Even if the design is the same, the user interface will make or break your company.

Many user experience mistakes occur because of internal politics in an organization. The buyers are under pressure to buy a cheaper product with fewer features.

Following user experience mistakes might cost you your userbase, revenue, and in some cases even your brand. Here are the must-nots:


Must not mislead users with false claims – Many companies run campaigns on TV, newspapers, or online to attract audiences by making false claims or promises. For instance, one campaign highlighted free product delivery and the user just has to pay a small shipping fee. However, the user was asked to pay the full price on the billing page!


Must not send automated messages – If you want users to be more engaged with your product or service, then sending automated messages won’t help. Automated messages cannot convey emotions and hence users wouldn’t like them at all.


Must not ignore experience – It’s really important to know user needs and then build a product that delivers user experience expectations. An intelligent design always emphasizes user intentions. If the user is asking for specific features, then try adding them in your next update!


Must not use third-party platforms – People are familiar with the Google platform, but if the user experience is poor, then users might stop using your product. Try to use a platform that users would enjoy and helps you build better user engagement.


Must not fail user with slow responses – If the user always has to wait for a couple of seconds or minutes, then the user wouldn’t like your product. User experience matters as it leads to user retention and user loyalty.


Must not forget to collect user feedback – It’s essential to know user dissatisfaction level, problems faced by those using your product, and user suggestions. If you try to improve user experience as per user suggestions, you might increase user satisfaction level!

User experience is the only thing that matters for any company or organization that want the user to keep coming back and user retention.


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Find My Phone Apps


Our dependence on smartphones has multiplied exponentially in the last few years. They might have eased our lives but we are a single object away from a disturbed life. That object is our phones. If by any mistake or accident, we lose our phone, we will be a mess.

Multiple backups and cloud storage might get us our data back but they won’t get us our phone back. Nevertheless, the concept of “Find my phone app” has been worked upon a lot and there are multiple such apps in the market. Their significance has led to a lot of improvement and research in this domain.

Find my phone app


“Find my phone” app lets you recover your data, photos, phone numbers, and helps you track the location of your device. The battery life and details of the Wi-Fi network it is connected to can also be seen. Android’s “find my device” system is pretty sophisticated as it pinpoints the location of your device on a map. The app can also be used to ring it remotely or lock it. Wiping data off your device is also an important feature of this app.

Find my phone app has a large scope in the app market because phones and other android devices are a necessity in everyone’s life. People use them for their official and private tasks. Therefore phones are of immense importance to everyone.

Designing such apps is a profitable investment these days. Multiple factors influence the design and cost of the app.

Process of making the app

All the requirements for the app need to be gathered at first. For instance, if the app is for androids only, different android versions, various phone models, and app platforms are to be jotted down. This step is followed by the UI/UX design of the app. It will be the programmer’s job, however, multiple things need to be discussed with the investor as well. After finalizing the UI design and a lot of programming, a prototype is made. Multiple test runs and analyses are performed which help to understand the practicality of the app. App development is the next process that finalizes much of the programming and gives a final version of the app. After quality assurance and multiple checks, the app is ready to be launched. App deployment takes place after the design, user interface, and quality meets the requirement of the client. The support and maintenance team has to be on duty all the time and fix any errors or bugs that might be encountered.

Cost and conclusion

The variety of designs and features makes the price of such an app, a variable. However, according to an estimate, such an app can be developed in $3000-$18000. On average it takes around 45 days for such an app to be developed and run all the quality assurance tests.

Mobile app business is on a growth trend for 2020

gig economy

Mobile apps growing again in 2020.

Mobile app business is on a growth trend for 2020, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). The market is projected to be valued at US$15.5 billion by 2020. There’s a huge amount of mobile apps that can be used for entertainment, communication, banking, and business purposes.

There are millions of apps and websites available, so you can count on not having enough time to hunt through them all.

mobile apps

Why Mobile Apps Are the Next Big Thing:

You won’t be able to tell us that you’re not using a mobile app. No worries, because most of the apps that you find are all over the Internet, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. People are always spending more time on the Internet, and that’s because mobile is the preferred option for doing any task or gathering information that can be sent over the Internet.

Not only that, but many of the apps you find are optimized for mobile, such as instant news, music apps, and banking apps. In order to create a website, even with desktop technology, you need to make a webpage.

While there has been a recent wave of apps targeting mobile devices, most of them are targeted at enterprise customers. But many have a more consumer-like appeal, such as Woot, which offers a social feature for the “smart home.” It’s not enough for app makers to simply develop for the enterprise market, says Ram Iyer, CEO of app development company Sunvera Software. He says an app should give users multiple ways to interact with it, and not simply be a “single button in your hand.”

For example, Woot, a social app, has various ways to communicate with customers; people can post updates on Facebook with Woot’s “Like” button, or chat with company members using the app. Other companies, such as Amazon, Snapchat and Twitter, offer additional messaging features.

The question for developers and consumers alike: How do you make an app to meet the growing expectations for consumers and the growing need for enterprise software?

Mobile Game Apps vs Healthcare Mobile Apps: Why Mobile Game Apps?

Would you rather invest in Mobile Game Apps or Healthcare Mobile Apps (also called mHealth) to be successful. While game mobile apps are a big draw for all user age groups, healthcare mobile apps have a focused niche user base with higher utilization factor.

Let’s define Game mobile apps and healthcare mobile apps:

Mobile Game Apps – from Wikipedia, “A mobile game is a video game played on a feature phone, smartphone/tablet, smartwatch, PDA, portable media player or graphing calculator.”

Healthcare Mobile Apps – from Wikipedia, “mHealth (also written as m-health) is an abbreviation for mobile health, a term used for the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices.”

Friends playing mobile games

Mobile games apps allow a greater participation of user base and allows for all sorts of people to enjoy a mobile experience. This fuels two different engines – economic and user-engagement. Both can become huge. If a game is simple to understand, rules are easy to comprehend, game is easy to play with increasing levels of difficultly, then and only then can a game become successful.

It is not necessary to have blockbusters like Pokemon Go. Instead there are millions of simple apps that are played by millions of people every day.

However, the biggest benefit in my eyes is the increasing participation by people. They get familiar with the devices, start trusting them and ultimately will try non-game apps like Healthcare apps. Without the initial early-adopter technology, there will be no opportunity for other industries.

If you are considering a game app, this is the right time to launch into developing it now.

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Stop the Hack in its Tracks – 7 Steps to Secure Mobile Apps!

Secure Mobile apps should be a top priority for every mobile app developer. While security is often overlooked in mobile app design, every developer believes their app is most secure, and at the same time are afraid someone is going to hack their mobile app platform.

In either case, as a mobile app developer we need to ensure that adequate precautions are programmed, sufficient vulnerability testing for mobile app is performed and allow security to be an integral part of the design. Here are some simple and yet highly useful steps to follow.

To give you some context, many of the below items are essential for HIPAA compliance and SAX/PCI compliance.

Step 1: Make mobile security an integral part of your design. Think wholistic end-to-end mobile security, starting from the user to the backend infrastructure. Consider authentication, password complexity, data transmission, data storage, data processing, third-party integration, storage of images, videos, documents and infrastructure setup.

Step 2: Authentication and password complexity protects your mobile app at the end-user level. This makes the process easier for users while making sure there are no loop-holes if a device is being used. If critical data is not protected, devices can be lost.

Step 3: Storing data including username and passwords locally on the device. This is a situation that seems so easy to overlook while being the easiest to protect. Make sure authentication credentials are stored in either “Device KeyChain” or “Managed Storage.” Both these methods encrypt critical information when they are stored on mobile devices. For other app data, determine if they need to be encrypted before being stored locally.

Step 4: Sending data back and forth from the server aka mobile transport layer needs to be fully secure. The easiest way to achieve this is to setup https (secure http) using a SSL certificate. Make sure the certificate is properly created covering all ciphers schemes.

Step 5: Server side code vulnerabilities are one of the easiest to make but very difficult to find. You need specialized vulnerability tools to identify and fix such issues.

Step 6: Data storage is probably already secure. The best way to secure data is to encrypt it during storage. This is called data-at-rest encryption. This increases the server resource requirements in order to encrypt and decrypt at run-time. But it’s still worth it.

Step 7: This is the one area that involves people and therefore most risky if you don’t have good procedures. All admin credentials need to be changed at periodic intervals. When an employee leaves, make sure to delete their credentials. And finally document all processes.

If you follow these seven steps, you can stop the hack or at least greatly reduce your chances of getting hacked.

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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7: What’s the Future?

If you have an iPhone 6 right now, you probably want to make a switch. Whether you have purchased it two years ago right at the time it was released in the market or later on, the gadget world actually moved on. However, how can we be sure that iPhone 7 is a good enough upgrade to make this worthwhile or are you better off waiting for the succeeding year or changing to Android?

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7 – Tell the Difference

It cannot be denied that many users just want to have something that is shiny and new. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, iPhone 7 does not look too different to iPhone 6. For the iPhone 7, Apple has decided to ditch the ugly antenna lines on the rear, but since you have had your phone for several months, this might not be a problem to you anymore.

The new thing has something to do with the colors that include the limited-availability piano black and the fetching “black” option. The latter has replaced the Space Grey choice and it might not be appreciated by everyone. Truly, iPhone features do change for the better in every new model to be launched by Apple. These features may be the same as the iPad features. Moreover, the iPhone application development services are also taken into account.

Also, there are quite a few changes in the style and display between iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 7. Users are given the chance to switch to a much more lovable and stylish design they want for a phone. So far, iPhone 7 is running on the same iOS 10 operating system as iPhone 6. But, everyone is waiting for any news about upgrading the OS to iOS 11. And, hopefully, iPhone 7 can taste that.

There’s a slight split with iOS 10 and that can be seen in terms of 3D touch. Apple used touch-sensitive technology that it introduced with iPhone 6s much better in the newest mobile operating system. iOS 10 has been found to be more helpful and advantageous the moment it has been added in iPhone 7 compared to how it works on iPhone 6.

For instance, you could preview emails and the messages on the lock screen simply through pressing firmly the notification. You may also jump to the additional options through pressing hard on the app & on the control center icons. Switching to iPhone 6 after you used iPhone 7 may be a bit strange, as if something is missing.

When you take more photos, iPhone 7 would be a great upgrade with its 12 megapixel camera and six-element lens built. You can also locate optical image stabilization and the bigger f/1.8 aperture lens. All of these mean that photos that are taken with iPhone 7 are sharper, brighter, steadier and much more colorful. It is a significantly better and improved performer in the low light, as well, even before you consider the enhanced True Tone flash system that uses double the quantity of bulbs that an iPhone 6 camera has.

These are just some of the features you can expect to see in iPhone 7. There are more things that we can expect from the iPhone 7 and the future.

Game Apps vs Healthcare Apps

Medical technology’s future is right here with apps and games that offer a wide variety of advantages and functions..

Three friends playing mobile app games
Friends playing games.

Since the advent of mobile apps, people’s lives and work, the way they communicate and play have all changed significantly. Through mobile apps, healthcare is delivered much better and is more efficient than it was ever before.

Out of 10 Americans, it is found that almost 8 are more than willing to pay a hundred dollars for a medical healthcare app that is capable of monitoring vital signs and/or that allows them to access their medical data. The wireless medical data technology has many benefits for patients, families and for medical providers a well.

Mobile Healthcare App Advantages

Mobile healthcare apps create advantages in the healthcare industry. With digital and mobile technologies increasing, these apps can provide new ways for stories to be told, which can impact the world in a better way. One example is the hundreds of medical applications developed for Android and iOS devices.

Most medical apps are about diet or fitness but there are several that are designed for specific purposes, in ways that ensure to make huge differences in the lives of millions all over the world. Over the years, mobile healthcare apps have improved with more accurate readings and other useful functions. Such apps don’t just provide information but also tell the patient’s health story.

Why Healthcare Game Apps

Besides medical apps for healthcare, there are also healthcare game apps that are found to be even more beneficial. Gamification in healthcare is not only about playing games or gaining popularity for the mobile healthcare app provider, but is about creating a way for the patient to also be engaged.

Gamification in healthcare has several technology startups and pilot projects with some developers who play around to build a great healthcare game. The approach in the industry is not clear yet but it is clear that in the next few years there will be significant growth in healthcare games apps which will lead to sustainable modifications in patient behaviors as well as better health outcomes.

Several studies were also conducted to determine the benefits that certain healthcare game apps provide. For instance, a study conducted by the American College of Rehabilitation Meeting in 2015, shows that playing a game provides an effective treatment of the post-concussion syndrome. It was found that playing a game reduced the symptoms of this syndrome.

There is also the fact that people are naturally competitive. We all like to compare ourselves with others which can help as a way of motivation. In the form of games, competitive individuals will feel more compelled to take care of their health and follow the instructions in the game apps through the game’s competitive aspects.

Compared to ordinary apps, gaming apps have a huge advantage in that they are more entertaining and engaging. While ordinary mobile medical apps help in increasing the efficiency of healthcare delivery, games are more engaging, and the patients take in information much better.