SchoolCues Helps Bring Children Back To School During COVID With a Screening Mobile App

8/27/21 SchoolCues (, a premier school management system specifically catered towards small schools, recently released their COVID screening app to help students go back safely to classes. The beta version of the app was released last year with the emergence of the pandemic, and based on positive feedback by users, the final version of the app is due for release at the end of August. 


The SchoolCues’ COVID screening app allows small schools to effectively screen students in seconds before they enter school buildings. This is a game-changer for those schools that have been struggling with COVID guidelines and COVID compliance. The current practices involve excessive use of paper to manually screen students, which is not only time-consuming but hinders timely COVID compliance.


Ever since the release of the beta version, SchoolCues has documented approximately half a million COVID form submissions, and screened a total of 5000+ students. In the past month especially, SchoolCues has seen an overgrowing demand for schools to be able to use the screening app as soon as possible for the new school year, to ensure that there will not be any disruptions with students’ learning. Schools want to make sure that children can continue to learn inside the classroom, as opposed to their homes, where there may be many distractions.


The development and release of the COVID screening for schools app would not have been possible without the help of Sunvera Software, an Irvine-based software development company, specializing in secure application development, cloud solutions, and custom software development.


“SchoolCues came to us with an interesting idea, and our team’s expertise in building screening apps mixed with our excitement to be able to contribute to this project to make life easier for school administrators allowed for a smooth delivery of the project right in time.” claimed Sanga R., Chief of Customer Success at Sunvera Software. 


The COVID (bring children to school during COVID) app ( has been released for both iPhone and Android. SchoolCues has plans to work with Sunvera Software to be able to release their upcoming modules including Donations and Fundraising, Alumni Management, and Financial Management modules.


SchoolCues is an all-in-one school management software system catered towards small schools including Montessori, Christian, Waldorf, Lutheran, Charter, and Independent schools. Since 2010, SchoolCues has delivered effective school management solutions including parent engagement and communications to thousands of small schools in the United States and Canada. More information on the company can be found at


Sunvera Software is a local software development solutions provider headquartered in Irvine, CA. Formed in 2013, Sunvera provides custom software development with security-focused mobile and web app development, cloud migration, database solutions, and more. More information on the company can be found at

App Customer Journey: The Most Forgotten Step in App Development

App customer journey

App marketers can utilize user journey mapping to gain valuable insights into how to improve the consumer experience and reduce pain points within their app’s UX. This makes it easy for users to finish a transaction and improves the functionality of other important components of your app. Here you can learn more about app customer journey, including what it is, how to implement it, and some common mistakes to avoid.


What is the App Customer Journey?

The user journey, also known as the customer journey or the route to purchase, depicts how users carry out the desired action, most commonly a purchase. This usually contains a graphic chronology of user actions that depicts the user’s journey from download to conversion, as well as every interaction they make with your app. User journey emphasizes what type of steps you should take to enhance the usage of your app.

It is the role of the marketer to persuade customers that a product is worthwhile. This includes emphasizing an app’s performance and why customers will benefit from downloading it on their phones. To better serve a user’s needs, you as a marketer must also understand why they installed your app. From there, you can discover much more about user experience and how it could be improved — for example, by reducing the time between installation and purchasing, or by addressing churn-causing components of the usability.

The user journey is a difficult process to grasp, but with the correct data, marketers can monitor the journey customers undertake in great detail. A user may be able to access your services via mobile web and in-app, as well as across many devices, based on the nature of your app. As your customer base grows, marketers will find it increasingly important to chart a customer’s journey.



How to map the user path of a mobile app?

To begin, choose whether you want to concentrate on the full journey or just one component of the app’s experience. You can, for example, map the user journey for your app’s onboarding in addition to a user’s path to purchase. You can divide your audience into groups that can be distinguished by distinct personalities once you know the journey you wish to outline.


Personas for users

This is a user profile for a subset of your total audience. You can design various user personas to better understand how different sorts of users engage with your app by learning typical user behavior. As a result, you’ll be able to figure out what your users want from your app, how to design features, and which adjustments would improve the user experience. A combination of market data collection and data analysis should be used to construct a customer persona. You may also discover more about your users by running surveys and asking for comments.


Data collection

Your research should encompass pain points, a user’s major purpose for installing your app, and your unique selling point while attempting to determine the methods in which users interact with your app. By gathering data to answer these questions, you’ll be able to successfully develop user personas and begin mapping their various experiences.


The outcomes of the testing

Your study should show you how different users engage with your app, what steps they take, and how satisfied or frustrated they are at each step. You may begin the optimization process once you have this information and have used it to develop a user journey map. This includes A/B testing findings to determine which modifications are effective and may be deployed across the board.


Some common UX mistakes that should be avoided while designing an app

  • Making a user interface that is difficult to navigate.
  • Adding too many features to the app.
  • Ignoring the main architecture of the app.
  • Only thinking about UX at the start.
  • Excessive push notifications and updates.
  • Unsatisfactory onboarding and a negative first impression.
  • Slavishly imitating your competitors


The above mentioned are some steps that should be avoided in the app-making process. Your app can be more popular and get more success by avoiding these mistakes and also your app customer journey will be smooth.

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Best Strategy Games of 2021 (Best Strategy Apps)

Strategy apps

If you are already bored of playing the same game on your phone repeatedly, it is time to look for other alternatives.  There are so many different types of games in the app store: shooting, role-playing, racing, puzzles, strategy, you name it. We have compiled the best strategy games of 2021 that you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. We are sure that you will find more than one proposal that will catch your attention.


Sky: Children of the Light (Free)

Fans of Journey and Flower will love the latest game from the same creators. Sky: Children of the Light has the same invoice as the other titles, but with a twist. You play as one of the “Sons of Light”, sent to bring hope to the kingdom and return the fallen stars to their constellations. It has seven kingdoms to explore, and you can customize your character before setting off. Chat with other players to undertake missions, save spirits, discover treasures, and explore darker and more dangerous realms. If you want to enjoy it, you must play with others, because doing it alone can be a boring experience.



Grid Autosport ($10)

Are you tired of Real Racing 3? Then Grid Autosport is what you need. It is an ad-free premium title, but it requires a powerful phone to run, plus 3.9GB of storage. It has about a hundred circuits and the same number of cars. It is the closest thing to console-quality racing on Android. Controls are customizable. It has multiple disciplines, from resistance and demolition to street racing. Despite its price, it is an ad-free, in-app purchase experience.


Gorogoa ($5)

If we tell you that Gorogoa is strange, we are not doing it justice. It is more than that. But if that is the vibe you are going for, you will love this game. It is designed to be unnerving, and sometimes it over qualifies for this label. The hand-drawn panels seem to tell a story, although at first glance it is unclear how they are related. Your job is to link everything together to progress through the narrative, from rearranging the panels to zooming in, zooming out, and layering them to unlock the story. More than just a game, Gorogoa is a work of art and one that will make you feel immense satisfaction when you solve its challenges.  It is short, but it’s worth $5.


Inked ($4)

This beautiful game immerses you in a world drawn by hand with a pen. Your character is a nameless samurai who must travel the world with his true love, Aiko. The place where you are was created by the mysterious artist, whose hands you will see frequently while exploring. When everything you love is suddenly taken from you, you must take it back by manipulating your environment, erasing, and redrawing parts of the landscape to solve puzzles.  You are in absolute control of the world, and you must unlock the way forward, which is sometimes easy, sometimes not so much. An emotional soundtrack, an endearing story, and a beautiful world all add up to create one of our favorite games so far this year. It is worth the price if you are drawn to this type of game.


The Wanderer (Free)

The basic aspect of this survival game may not catch you from the start but give it some time and you will be engrossed in an experience with a lot of replay ability. In this game, you are one of the last survivors of the effects of radiation on Earth, and your mission is to explore the wastelands, fight unwanted visitors, search for supplies and, for what you love most, not mutate to become one of them. Along the way, you can collect parts to repair your RV to travel faster and upgrade your storage space, customize your character, and more. The decisions you make and the interactions you make will affect your karma and how the game unfolds. There are many varied towns and places to explore, and because the map is randomly generated and the difficulty levels are adjustable, each time you play it will be different. It is free and there are no in-app purchases.

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How to Create the Perfect Mobile App Icons: A Complete Guide

Mobile app icons

In this article, we will discuss the useful techniques to create the perfect mobile app icons. So let’s start with the basic explanation of an app icon.

An app icon is pretty much different than a logo. A logo represents a company, brand, or any product but an icon provides you the basic information of your app, company, or product. You can even adjust your company logo inside your app icon. Let us talk about mobile app icons.

Did you know that an app icon decides whether your application should be installed? It is more likely that an app that has an attractive mobile icon will be installed by many users.

We will examine the mobile app icon best practices to improve the design of your app.


Choose the right UI/UX tool

The first impression is the last and final impression, so choose the tool wisely to design the app icon. The most powerful tools are Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD.

Photoshop and Illustrator are the most effective software that is used in graphic design. Their interfaces are very user-friendly and easy to use. They have a lot of options such as raster effects, shadows, reflections, scalable, themes, text formats, etc. They give you full control, and you can design any type of attractive, high-quality, and eye-catching app icons with the help of photoshop and illustrator.


Follow the guidelines

This is the second most important step. Keep in mind all the guidelines of a company before designing an app icon for them. Adjust the logo of an application inside the app icon in a clear and concise way. Follow all the guidelines one by one, and use proper fonts, attractive colors, and make proper alignments. Maintain consistency in your whole design.


Conduct proper research

Proper research is an essential part of designing a new app icon. The app icon and app functionality both have a strong connection. App icons should portray the picture of app functionality. Look at the whole app and take a closer look at every function of the app before creating the right design. This will give you a great idea of what your app icon should look like. Let us discuss an example.

Let’s say you want to design an app icon for the keyboard app, and you are confused as to what the app should look like. So, to overcome this problem you should check the whole app and then decide which color should you use. If the keyboard buttons are red, you should use the red color and design a beautiful small keyboard on the app icon. Do not use too many colors on the app icon.


Get ideas from the App Store

This is a simple but highly effective technique. Open the App Store and type the name of your app into the search bar and look at the app icons of your competitor’s applications and figure out why they are popular, and how you can design a high-profile app icon among them. Once you are done, try to design the most powerful and elegant app icon that’s even better than your competitor’s app icons. This strategy helps you while designing your app icon.


Sizes and compatibility

Most of the designers choose the size according to the design of their app icons so keep in mind that you can choose any size from 26 × 26 pixels to 1024 × 1024 pixels so that it can fit on any app store easily.

To check the style compatibility, you should consult the Android and IOS platforms and read the guidelines from there. Human interface guidelines for iOS icons may not be so thorough but will suffice for those who have a vague idea of what an iOS app icon design should look like.


These are some points that will help you to design great mobile app icons. A small square symbol on the screen of your smartphone may seem insignificant, however, it matters greatly for your business image and affects the number of downloads.

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Best Voice Apps of 2021

Voice app

Recording, speech-to-text, and personal assistant apps seem like an unimaginable concept, but these are not only possible, but they exist as well. These apps help you to make your life easier. Speech-to-text apps have the potential to finish your work within seconds. It was an exceedingly difficult job to create voice apps that are best from the rest but now it is possible. We have gathered a list of the top 5 best voice apps of 2021.


Google Assistant

Google assistant is the number one best voice app on our list.  Google Assistant is the product of Google. This app can perform a lot of essential functions for you like opening maps, opening a web browser, and playing music.

Voice recognition is the unique feature of Google Assistant. You can talk to Google, and you can give him any order like open music app, open Facebook app, etc. Google Assistant understands your language and can convert your speech into the form of text.


Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is the most recommended premium voice app so far. It is available for both android and IOS users. It is considered the most powerful weapon in terms of voice editing, recording, formatting, and converts your speech into text. Its accuracy rate is increasing over time. Dragon Anywhere does not have any word limits, and you can use this for as long as you want. The good thing about Dragon anywhere is that it can work on any device.

As Dragon anywhere is a premium application, so its monthly cost is around $15.


Voice Notes

If an idea suddenly comes to your mind and you do not have any pen or pencil at that time, then you do not need to worry as Voice Notes can help in that situation. Voice Notes is the best app that allows you to create your notes without any problem. Its interface is very user-friendly and attractive. You can make different categories and sections of your content and voice notes allows you to easily save your document for the future.

Can you guess that how many languages this app can recognize? The answer is 119 languages. Yes, you read that right. Voice Notes is a free app.



The Transcribe app is the fastest and secure app that can convert your recorded files into text within just a few seconds. This is an AI-based software and it can recognize 80 different languages and dialects. As we have said that it is the fastest app that so many journalists and anchors use. But keep in mind that Transcribe application is only available for IOS users. It is one of the most secure apps and you can hardly find an error in it.

Transcribe gives a 15-minute trial for its users, and then it charges around about $30 for ten hours.


iTranslate Converse

What comes to your mind when you first hear the name of this app? If you guessed that this is a translator app then you are right. iTranslate Converse is a real-time translation app. iTranslate is very helpful when you communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you or when you travel aboard this app helps you to interact with foreigners.

The app can recognize more than 37 languages. iTranslate allows you to download the whole transcription of your conversation. We can say that iTranslate is one of the best voice apps. This app gives you a 7-day free trial and then it will charge $5 per month.


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App Content Strategy: Building the Perfect Content Strategy for your App

app content strategy

It is critical to have a website that looks great on mobile devices if you want to be a successful business in today’s saturated digital economy. The United States has the most mobile phone users behind India and China, which implies that having a solid app content strategy has become essential to survive in the digital world.

The content you give through the app is at the heart of how well it will work, playing a key part in attracting the ideal users. What we mean by app content is anything you use to keep app users engaged, whether it is entertainment or any kind of important information. Now, simply providing outstanding information isn’t enough to entice users to visit your app and remain; how you deliver the content, when you deliver it, and in what way you deliver it is also very critical for app content. Overall, you must have a well-thought-out content strategy in place to reap any benefits from it.

Some companies use the same long-form material on mobile as well. This is ineffective. In reality, ‘Less is More’ when it comes to mobile phones! A good app content strategy design is useful for both mobile apps and mobile websites as well. Users should not have to browse endlessly through large slabs of content on their phones, as per the content strategy for mobile apps. You must personalize information to the device they’re using. Button locations, font size and type, color combinations, call-to-actions, and other mobile components are all part of this mobile experience. The goal is to make the content consumption process as simple and feasible for your app users. Make sure that the amount of squeezing and magnifying required by your app’s subscribers is kept to essentials so that the information is provided in a palatable fashion.

So now that you understand the need to optimize your content for mobile phones, it is time to get to work on developing a mobile app strategy that will help your app succeed while also providing value to the experience your app users enjoy with it.

Here we mention some tips that you should implement.


Make user interface elements clearly visible

When compared to the experience on a desktop or laptop computer, comprehension of content on an app is much worse. This is because the mobile app contains far less information. There can be detailed information on a business, products, services, or any other item on a website or when users consume information on the website through a desktop or laptop computer. When it comes to creating a nice app experience, however, a lot of text from the website must be removed due to the limited screen space. That’s why developers must take steps to ensure that the various user interface elements are precise, well-placed, and clearly communicate their purpose and goal.


Limitations must be clearly defined and outlined

You must establish limits or boundaries for all the content that you will post on your app. This isn’t necessarily a drawback; in fact, it can assist you and your team in achieving a high level of crispness in the app’s content. It’s critical to have a clear limit for the copy or input fields as the team collects, develops, or curates the content that will be used in the app. This allows content creators, developers, and the rest of the team to collaborate in a more cohesive and organized manner. When writers are aware of the minimum and maximum character constraints, they are more likely to produce well-formed and unambiguous text.


Make various content models

It is ridiculous to expect you to get everything correctly the first time! This is why, in your app design, you should experiment with different lengths of a copy. This is especially important when working with screens where the copy will change. Also, keep in mind that you can’t just build one screen with the appropriate length of content. When creating the screen, make sure it doesn’t appear empty because you only put the bare minimum of copy on it, nor does it appear to be packed with content. The design and development team must plan for this scenario by creating an alternate design for the app’s screen. These alternate screen various objectives may need to be imposed automatically so that when the copy displayed on the screen is too short or too long, it can be altered appropriately. That is why your app’s screen designs must be adaptable, and your development and design team would have to be adaptable for every version while maintaining a good balance of critical content.


Add more advanced content

The golden rule of copywriting nowadays is to write as you speak. This ensures that you have the greatest degree of clarity possible. Another crucial part of creating high-quality content for your mobile app is understanding what you must say and what you must leave out. This means that if you’re trying to make a point and you get the sensation that some of the stuff you’re including is a little “extra,” it probably is. You may either remove it totally or simply include a hyperlink that directs app users or readers to a separate page where they can read everything in detail. This will ensure that your app user’s concentration is solely on the genuine topic, with little to no distractions. As previously said, the average app user’s attention span is extremely short and is just getting shorter. As a result, you will want to make sure that any material you put in your app is simple and feasible.


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Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications

What exactly are mobile push notifications, and why should apps have them? What type of apps should have push notifications? How much time and effort is required to develop an app that has push notifications? What is the cost to add a push notification feature in an app? There are too many questions, and we are here to answer them all for you.

A ‘push notification’ is an alert message whenever any update comes, and it pops up on mobile devices. App developers can send notifications at any time by using the push notifications app feature, and it does not matter whether the user is using the app or not, the user will still receive the message. For example, a sports application can send you scores and important updates, and a weather app can send you weather updates with the help of push notifications. You can only receive mobile app push notifications if you have installed that specific app.

Mobile app push notifications look like message alerts and updates. Whether it is Android or iOS, every platform supports push notifications.


Why apps should have a push notification strategy?

Push and email notification plans are the best marketing strategy so far. Push notifications cannot disturb the users, because if users do not need push notifications, they can easily turn them off. If the app sends the right and useful push notifications, then the users are more likely to open those notifications. Push notifications are an effective and efficient way of bringing back inactive users and can increase the retention rate by five times if implemented correctly.

Push notifications can also enhance the engagement rate of the users. Push notifications for content matter a lot, as they will help the user to interact with an app more effectively. App developers can gather useful information about their app via push notifications and this information helps them at the time of updating and modifying their app.

Push notifications not only bring back the users but also increase the conversion rates of your app and enhance the user experience.


Types of Push Notification Apps

Push notifications should mainly have three important qualities that keep the users engaged. Push notifications must be highly personalized, timely, and very relevant. Let us find out the different types of push notifications.

  • The time-sensitive notification.
  • Highly personalized notifications design.
  • Reminder notifications.
  • Subscribed notifications
  • Rewards and achievements notifications


How to develop an app that has a push notifications feature?

Developing a perfect application with push notifications requires a lot of time and effort. First, you need to find out the taste of your audience and what they want. What they are likely to respond to? So, to implement this idea, you should have to find the reason why your audience downloads your app. If your app is related to sports events then send them the relevant push notifications that are related to sports. If you send irrelevant posts that are against the taste of your audience then it can decrease the performance of your app.

The second point that you need to consider is when your audience needs your services. It means that you should send the push notifications to your audience at the best time.

The third point that you need to consider is the location of your audience. You should target the location where your message will be most useful.


What’s the cost to add a push notifications feature in your app?

Push notifications apps are used to deliver all kinds of information to app users. Here we will discuss the top push notifications services that are used for mobile applications.

  • Amazon SNS
  • OneSignal


Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS is the best push notification service that allows the app developer to send push notifications. Amazon SNS’s price is $1 for one million push notifications.



OneSignal multi-tasking push notifications platform has almost all the features of push notifications. OneSignal has three plans.

  • Free
  • Starter ($99 per month)
  • Pro ($500 per month)


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A/B Testing Mobile Apps: Why it Matters

A/B testing

A / B testing, also known as split testing, is a process of showing two versions or variations of the same pages to different segments of visitors to the site or an app in question, to find the variation that generates more conversions and more clicks. It is crucial to be A/B testing mobile apps for various reasons, which we will go over here.


Why do mobile apps need A/B testing?

Now let’s take a look at the main reasons why you should perform A/B testing on mobile apps.


Solve the “pain points” of your visitors

People come to your apps for a specific purpose, such as finding out more about your product or service, buying it, or just browsing your home page.  Regardless of the user’s goal, they may face certain problems and obstacles (pain points) before they can achieve their goal: these may be unclear explanations or the poor way you organized a particular page. The difficulty or impossibility of reaching a goal easily shows that your app is not providing visitors with an optimal user experience. And all this friction that the user encounters on their way ultimately hurts your conversion rates. By using the data collected through tools capable of analyzing visitor behavior such as heat maps, Google Analytics, and surveys, you will be able to solve the main obstacles encountered by your visitors and make your app more efficient.


Get a better return on investment from existing traffic

Most digital marketers have long understood that the cost of acquiring quality traffic can be huge. A/B testing allows you to get the most out of your existing traffic and can help you increase your conversion rates without having to shell out a single penny to acquire new traffic. A/B testing thus offers a high return on investment, because sometimes even the most minor changes can lead to a significant increase in conversion rates.


Make low-risk changes

With A/B testing on mobile, you can make minor and incremental changes in your app instead of redesigning and creating a whole new app. This can avoid compromising your current conversion rates.  A/B testing allows you to achieve optimal results with minimal modifications, resulting in increased return on investment. For example, you can perform A/B testing when you plan to delete or update your product descriptions, to see how your visitors will react to the change.


Thus, A/B testing is a way for you to determine which way the scales will tip, and to make decisions accordingly, choosing among the different versions tested. You can also use this method when introducing a new feature change.  Before permanently introducing a new feature, running a trial as an A/B test on the relevant app section can provide you with valuable information on the relevance of this change. Changes made without A/B testing may or may not be successful.  But testing before making changes provides a lot more certainty and serves to confirm your initial hypothesis.


Achieve significant data-driven improvements

A/B testing is completely data-driven and leaves no room for guesswork or instinct. You can easily and scientifically determine a “winning” version and another “losing” version based on performance indicators such as the time spent on a given page, the number of requests for downloading a guide, the rate of cart abandonment, click-through rate, email open rate, etc.


Benefits for mobile developers

Currently, the app stores either lack a means of A/B testing (like Apple App Store) or offer limited functionality (as with Google Play Experiments), despite the fact that this strategy is paramount to identify what increases your sales (and what’s a waste of time and money).

So, you’ll need to use a solution designed with mobile developers in mind. SplitMetrics makes running A/B tests and figuring out what’s working easy.

The benefits for mobile developers are nearly endless, but some of the highlights include:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Analysis of engagement metrics
  • Decision-making based on data and statistics
  • Ability to view app store experience from user’s point of view
  • Better use of resources
  • Insights into customer behavior
  • Achievement of greater business objectives


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Top App Advertising Companies

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is the best way to attract more customers to your app. Mobile app advertising companies provide ads of different sizes like banner ads, video ads, pop-up ads etc. that can easily fit on your mobile screen. There are a lot of mobile app advertising companies available, and you can monetize your app with these companies and earn a boatload of money as you run your ad campaign.

In this article, we will discuss the top advertising companies, their benefits, and why they are the best advertising companies.


Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most authentic and oldest platforms for advertising. Facebook has a lot of users and a wide range of audiences and that is why it is the best platform to target your audience. According to a report, Facebook has almost 2.8 billion monthly active users. There is no doubt that Facebook is the largest social media network out there. You can place the ad for your app on Facebook, and Facebook will send the traffic directly to the app store. Facebook also offers analytics of your ad performance.

The average click-through rate (CTR) of Facebook is 0.9%. You can even monetize your app with Facebook and earn a good amount of money.



Leadbolt is one of the most recommended and prominent mobile app advertising companies. Leadbolt provides high-quality and high-performance ads. Their ads come in many formats like interstitial ads, native ads, video ads, banner ads, playable ads, etc. Leadbolt uses modern technology such as machine learning and automated campaigns to give the best ROI.

According to stats, their ads are currently serving on 66000 apps. Leadbolt comes under the umbrella of those companies that have contextual ads. They serve ads by focusing on users’ interests. They provide a free hand to choose the app where you want to serve your app installations ads. Leadbolt also provides very good CPC and CPM rates so that you can generate revenue by monetizing your app.




The next best mobile app advertising agency is MobAir. MobAir is available all across the world. It provides high-quality and attractive ads. Their ads are available in many formats. You can choose any format according to your satisfaction. You can run an ad campaign on MobAir and you can notice your app as well. They have powerful tools for monetization. Their CPC and CPM rates are best compared to the other networks.


Tiktok Ads

The most powerful app advertising company of modern times is Tiktok. Tiktok has a wide range audience, with 800 million active users worldwide. Tiktok ensures a high engagement rate.

Tiktok is among the best app advertising platform that places your ads in a very unique way and provides you an option to market your content with localized content. Tiktok influencers that have almost 2.5 million followers typically charge $700 per post.


Google App Campaign

Undoubtedly, Google is one of the largest search engines. It has a search engine market share of 91%. Google earns more than 90% of its revenue through advertisements. Google app campaign is an advertising platform that is exclusively designed for mobile app advertising. Google app campaigns work on a cost-per-install and cost-per-action basis. You can publish your app ad on Google and run a live campaign and earn money from your app by monetizing your app with Google.



The latest and modern technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is used in Taptica, which helps to reach the targeted users on time. It has 200 million users. Most of the ads are available in video format. You can place their ads in your app and you can advertise your app with their platform.


Apple Search Ad

Clearly, Apple search ad is an iOS app advertising company. Apple Search Ad primarily focuses on promoting IOS applications. Apple Search Ad is also known as App Store Search. They allow their publishers to drive traffic on their apps by using this platform. Apple Search Ad has two plans to run an ad campaign: Basic and Advanced. The cost of a basic plan is $5000 to $8000 and an advanced plan allows the publishers to set their budget and audience themselves. This platform also allows publishers to monetize their apps.



AppLovin is the top-notch app advertising company for game developers. They allow game developers to run their campaigns and monetize their gaming applications. They can reach your gaming app to 470 million users. Along with app install ads, AppLovin also offers lightweight SDKs to get the full benefits of in-app advertising for your app.


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How to Write a Mobile App (Build Your Mobile App)

Mobile app

We are living in the era of the digital world where mobile apps become the essential needs of every business. Nearly every brand, every company, and every product has an app. In this article, we will discuss the best strategy to write a mobile app (build an app).

There are some essential steps that you need to follow to build an exceptional application.

Let’s discuss these steps one by one.


Write a mobile app with a step-by-step process


Choose the name of your app

The name of your app helps the users to locate your app easily. The app name somehow portrays the picture of your business. We would suggest that if you already have a well-established business then you should continue with the same name, it will help your existing users to place their trust in your app and can easily find you. For a new business, you have the freedom to choose any good name of your app but keep in mind that the name should reflect the image of your brand, be easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and have global appeal.


Select the color scheme

After choosing the name of your app, the next step is to choose the color scheme. Choose the most attractive, clear, elegant, and eye-catching colors. Make sure to choose the colors that suit your business. For example, if your company or organization for which you are building an app is a healthcare center, it does not quite make sense to use a darker color scheme with black. Instead, you may go for an app design that incorporates a lot of red and white, or blue and white. Do not use too much color in your app, and always go with two to three colors.



The customization step is very essential. Better and elegant customization makes your app more attractive and can increase the traffic of your app. Customize the design of your app in a truly unique way. To do better customization, you should work with an aesthetic approach. First, you should focus on the app icon, splash screen, and background. If you have your business logo then use your logo instead of the app icon. If you do not have a logo then create your app icon. The app icon should be simple and eye-catching. Do not use too much color on the app icon and remember to not lose your theme in the midst making your app icon as eye-catching as possible.

The background of the app and splash screen are very crucial, so choose a simple and attractive background according to your app. The splash screen is the introduction of your application. The first thing that the user will notice on your app after opening it is the splash screen, so work on it to make it as nice as you can.

Secondly, focus on app layout and fonts, The layout of your app mainly means the way all the elements in your app are laid out. This is more than just aesthetic. The layout panel of your app will decide whether your app is useful or not. Choose the best of the best app layout that will attract the users. Next thing to consider is whether your app has a readability factor. Make sure that your fonts should be simple and easy to understand.


Install your app for testing

After creating your app, the next step is to check how your app looks like on an actual device. This is one of the most essential steps for you because here you will see the results of your effort. You can check whether the app is useful for your audience or not. You can also check if your app needs any changes or improvements. After this step, your app will become available for your users.


Why is it better to design the app with the help of an app development company?

Many reasons define that designing a really good app can be done easily with the help of an app development company. Let’s discuss some of these reasons.

The app development company provides you with the already built UI/UX templates. This can save you loads of time. You do not need to learn to program if you are partnering with a reputable software development firm. App development firms provide you with the best custom-built features that can make your app development journey easy. They provide you with complete guidance and assistance.

We hope this guide helped you realize how simple it is to write a mobile app, once you have your concept and development tools figured out.

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