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REACH Fitness

REACH Fitness is a personalized wellness app that allows individuals to track both their fitness and nutrition through a single app. Through this app, people can aim for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle by controlling food portions and ensuring that they get enough exercise in a day. Sunvera Software has helped incorporate numerous features in the app, including smooth video playback, to transform the health tracking process into a fun-filled journey.

Key features we implemented

Implemented different technology contenders such as Apple HLS/LL-HLS, MPEG-DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, HDS, CMAF and WebRTC for quality playback

The HLS implementation we have delivered is capable of multi-rate/quality playback. The server handles the bandwidth calculation and stream selection seamlessly for the user.

It is capable of playback on Apple iOS, Google Android, Web Browsers. It plays on almost any device thrown at it with the same features and quality.

Customer admins upload the video in any convenient video format and manage their list while the system seamlessly transcodes it to the right format and makes it available for the mobile / web application.

How we benefited them

Provided more power to the customer admin

Power to the customer admin in any upload format and get content quickly available for the end-user in the exact quality and performance.

Stellar video playback quality

Smooth playback and best possible video quality for the end user

Allowed smooth video playback through any device

Platform agnostic implementation allows the upload and/or playback to be possible on any device, platform or application.

Allowed more control on the server side

The server-side streaming prevents direct download and unauthorized playback. This can further be secured & restricted for use on a single identified app or website.

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