Sunvera Software Forms a Partnership With Microsoft Azure For Advanced Cloud Offerings

Sunvera Software, an enterprise software solutions provider specializing in mobile apps, cloud migration and solutions, and custom software development, has formed a long-term partnership with Microsoft Azure to deliver next-generation cloud solutions including AI/ML solutions for small and mid-sized companies.


With shrinking budgets and limited infrastructure, businesses are struggling to manage employees’ work, and the majority of the workforce going remote due to the pandemic is not helping either. Company data is becoming harder to access and employee collaboration is a challenge many enterprises are facing. 


Secure cloud-based solutions are defeating the obstacles that come with adjusting to unpredictable situations and are improving the overall operational efficiency of businesses. These cost-effective cloud and AI offerings are transforming the way businesses work, collaborate, and maintain their regular business processes. By examining the current stats and adoption rate of working in the cloud, it is evident that more companies will migrate to the cloud, whether they shift a fraction of their data management processes to the internet or as many as possible. 


“Our partnership with Microsoft will allow greater possibilities for improving our clients’ current business management structure.” says Dr. S, Chief Listening Officer at Sunvera Software, who is a former Microsoft employee for over a decade. “Companies are starting to realize the hassle that comes with using on-site systems to manage company information, and this pandemic has brought more light upon these issues as employees are struggling to work away from the office. Cloud solutions are proving to be effective by making data accessibility a lot easier to facilitate a better remote working environment.”


Sunvera is looking forward to expanding its expertise in the cloud computing market by partnering with Microsoft Azure.


About Sunvera


Sunvera Software is an advanced mobile apps, cloud solutions, and custom software development company with offices in Irvine, CA and Phoenix, AZ. With over 30+ years of innovative software development experience using advanced technologies, Sunvera serves small and mid-sized businesses including startups and entrepreneurs in various industries including healthcare, telehealth, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, retail, real estate and more, to deliver responsive software solutions for desktop and mobile. 

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