Track Promotions In Retail Stores

Konsier Retail Store Deployments

Konsier is a mobile marketing automation platform that opens up a 2-way information exchange between businesses and their customers. Konsier provides valuable information to customers in context with their preferences and helps businesses better handle their customer relationships. In a retail store environment, the Konsier administration portal is used to create campaign cards, with various types of content that may include images, videos, text and weblinks. By assigning specific campaign cards to unique beacon transmitters the retailer can define location specific promotions to best deliver the relevant message to the customer. As the customers browse through the store, they are able to track promotions in certain areas to help the retailer increase sales. Cool, right?

With multiple transmitting beacons strategically placed in various locations of the store, retailers can insure full coverage for timely message delivery. The messages are not only sent in real-time, but they are specific to the current location of the customer.

For example, once a customer reaches the retail store of their choice, they will enter the store where they will scan a barcode to download the Konsier app. They will register their account and enable their smartphone to display various promotions offered throughout the store. As a customer walks through the store, the strategically placed beacons will trigger their smartphone to “wake up” and display the various promotions within specific areas of the store. All of these promotions are unique and location specific with many opportunities for customer engagement for enhanced sales opportunities.

The Konsier app will allow the user to view items that are delivered to their smartphone based on their profile settings. This is initiated via the Konsier app with a 2-way automated communication to their smartphone which can help stimulate return business with alerts to promotions which in turn will increase sales and help build loyalty with your customers.

The Konsier automated marketing platform is dynamically triggered based on the customer response and/or action taken for numerous pre-programmed messages and the desired outcomes. By downloading the app, registering and allowing the system to engage the customer with pertinent content the Konsier app delivers focused and timely information specifically tailored to the customers’ needs.

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