Help customers build their product with custom no code software solutions


Do you wish your product is no code software configurable? Sunvera can help you make your product no code configurable so it is more appetizing to your customers.

A configurator is a software tool that can help customers create their product from various elements. The main idea is to present a finished product to customers, while at the same time being able to sell different elements. So, your customer does not have to imagine the end result. They choose the elements that they believe will fit well together for them.

Configurators, are also known as choice boards, design systems, toolkits, or co-design platforms, no code apps and they guide a user through the process. The success of such an interactive system is, is defined by its technological capabilities, and by its ability to allow for learning by doing.

We can help create custom configurators for different industries. These can be used in B2B (business to business) as well as B2C (business to consumer) markets.

How custom configurators can help in B2B:

  • Lower distribution costs
  • Quicker reaction to customer inquiries
  • Reduced capital commitment and less overproduction
  • Error elimination throughout the ordering and production process
  • Quality improvements in customer-service
  • Worldwide access to up-to-date product information

How custom configurators can help in B2C:

  • Differentiation through individuality
  • Reduced capital commitment and less overproduction
  • Better knowledge of customers’ needs
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Shopping as experience
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