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Mobile App Development Sunvera Software turns your mobile app ideas into vibrant reality. A boutique mobile app development company located in Irvine, CA, our expertise in software design and development produces stunning apps for companies big and small.

Our mobile app development strategy and model saves you time and money. With our rich experience, we make sure you get what you are looking for. We have proven expertise in mobile app development, cloud infrastructures, custom web design, e-commerce, and are able to provide Big Data solutions for the healthcare, financial, consumer and retail industries. Our strengths are in rapid development, providing stunning designs that capture users at a cost that saves our clients money.

In today’s world where nearly everybody owns a smartphone or a tablet, mobile application development is a gold mine, and mobile apps have now become a backbone of many businesses. Mobile apps are now being widely used by many businesses to maximize profits and any business wishing to remain relevant to the current market trends must find a way of developing apps that fully meets the need of its customers. However, mobile app development is no joke and finding a developer who will ensure the success of your apps is not that easy. This is where SunVera Software, one of the leading low-cost mobile application developers, comes in.

At SunVera Software, we provide a full package of end-to-end mobile application development services using a consultative approach, enabling us to offer you the best mobile apps. Our extensive expertise and experience in various mobile application development platforms puts us in a unique position to provide our clients with the best custom solutions in mobile development. Our wide range of services in mobile app development includes:

Conception and strategy

At SunVera Software, we work hand-in-hand with our clients. We take the client’s initial conception and merging with our expertise to turn it into an actual product. With our extensive experience in mobile application development, we are able to understand the needs of the clients. This allow us to provide you with the right development solutions. On top of that, our high-tech development technology, the in-depth research we conduct and the passion to succeed, ensures we deliver the best strategies that will help your business succeed.

Designing and branding

For applications to be developed successfully, the design of the apps must be perfect. At SunVera Software, we have an experienced and creative team of designers who are dedicated to providing clients with unique application design patters that will provide the users with a perfect user experience. Our team of designers can also design for you unique logos, icons and specific screen display, enabling your apps to stand out from the rest.


At SunVera Software, we take a multifaceted approach in the mobile app development. Our application development team has numerous apps to our credit and they are one of the most experienced application developers. With the latest technology at our disposal, you can always count on us to provide you with the right solution for your business.


With the mobile application development being highly competitive, quality is very important. We therefore have a team in place that conducts rigorous tests on all the apps to ensure that they do not have any bugs. By testing our clients’ apps, not only do we detect any problems, but we are also able to come up with more ways to enhance the functionality and user experience.

Deployment and maintenance

Deployment of application is a very important process where a single mistake can ruin your app. At SunVera Software, we provide high-tech specialized app deployment services where we have a team of experts who assist in the deployment. On top of deployment, we also offer customized app maintenance services to ensure your apps are always updated and they run well on the intended platforms.

Our Mobile Areas include:

  • Mobile Payment Application Development
  • Mobile Healthcare Application Development
  • Mobile HIPAA Application Development
  • Mobile Micro-transaction Application Development
  • Mobile Chat Application Development
  • Mobile Audio Application Development
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