understanding your data with Mathematical modeling solutions


Are you a business that would like to make sense of your data, or predict future outcomes based on the data you have? Then, the answer lies in mathematical modeling from Sunvera.

Models help you understand/estimate how reality will/did function and to take better decisions based on the outputs.

It is important to understand that statistical models are simplified representations of reality that can be invaluable. Businesses use them to better understand certain areas or to predict things like sales, for example.

Some uses for statistical modeling include

  • Survival Analysis (ex. to study user retention)
  • Market segmentation or customer profiling (ex. to study subsets of consumers or markets)
  • Predictive modeling (ex. to study stock market prices)
  • Clustering or grouping (ex. bioinformatics, image analysis)

Statisticians have an immense tool kit in modeling. Despite what some people say, we’re still nowhere near the point where Artificial Intelligence or some other form of automation can replace a competent statistician or marketing science person. The growing complexity of statistical science is actually making this goal more elusive.

These statistical modeling tools are used a great deal in business and have proven to be useful predictors. Sunvera’s technical competence, makes it easy for someone untutored in statistics to better understand where a business stands in the marketplace.

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