How Instant Apps Are Changing The Way Consumers Interact With Apps

instant appsSince Google first announced Android Instant Apps, they have been improving and expanding on the release of instant apps to more app developers. Many predictions said that this would be a fad, but the results continue to prove otherwise as users adopt instant apps without hesitation. The frequency with which consumers are using instant apps is skyrocketing, making this a new way for developers to ensure that their apps can be used by as many people as possible.


How Consumers Use Instant Apps

Although many people’s first impressions of instant apps were either positive or negative, it is clear that this is a new concept for consumers. Here are some of the most important things to know about how consumers are using instant apps:


More Than Just Instant Apps

Because there has not been much information released on how developers include their apps into the Google Play Store listings, many people believe that this will be limited to just instant apps. But developers have started creating more than just instant app pages with the potential to be converted later. When marketing their new features and updates, developers can now link out to free full versions of their apps so customers can use them directly from the Play Store without any downloads required. This is already having a positive impact on the number of users who are beginning to adopt apps.


Updates and Mainstream Use

Although instant apps were introduced in May 2016, they did not begin to truly take off until September of that year. That’s when Google Play Instant became available for all developers to use in their marketing efforts. As a result, the number of users that have access to these features has begun to increase significantly since then. Just in September alone, there was a 25% increase in consumers using instant apps compared to June 2016. And this trend does not seem like it will be going anywhere anytime soon as more people continue learning about the benefits associated with instant apps.


Targeting The Right People Instantly

When making an app accessible via Google Play Store, developers are given the ability to make their app available to anyone. Although this may seem like a great idea at first, it actually turns out to be less beneficial for apps that are not well known. Developers are able to tailor which markets they want their app to be made available in. If they only want certain demographics or geographic regions exposed to their new update or feature set, then that is exactly what happens with Google Play Instant.


Instant Game Apps

One of the most exciting features to come out of Google Play Instant is that instant games can also be made available to people. This means that developers no longer have to worry about spending months coding and designing a game for their customers to play when they can simply build one in minutes and market it with Google Play Instant. With this, users get an interactive way of learning about apps before downloading them while saving time and money in the process.

Lux, a popular flashlight app, is also an Instant Apps example created by Google. They did this by splitting the app into two parts: one part contains all of the code needed for a basic app while the other is only used when converting it from the Play Store. In this case, there was no noticeable change in how users interacted with it.


Use Cases And Limitations Of Instant Apps

Although instant apps are designed to make everyday tasks easier, there are still some limitations. One of these is that if a customer wants to use the same feature again in the future, they will have to download it from Google Play Store. This can be an advantage for customers who never plan on using the app again as well as those who only want access every now and then. Another limitation is that customers must first install Google Play Services before being able to use instant apps. This can be a problem for people who have phones that are not compatible with this app, but most often there is an alternative. Although these limitations may seem like setbacks, they are generally outweighed by the benefits of using instant apps in general.

Google Play services for Instant Apps offer various features to your device, including access to all things Android Instant. If you have a non-compatible phone or do not want to install the Google Play Services app for whatever reason, this does not mean instant apps cannot be accessed. Instead of using the Google Play Store to install instant apps, you can use a web browser and access the URL provided on the app’s page.


How To Access And Share Instant Apps

Now that you know how to use instant apps, there are some other things to consider. Google has made it incredibly easy for customers to access these apps by sharing the URLs with friends and family. If they have not already installed Google Play Services or do not want to use it because of compatibility, then this is their solution.

Finally, it’s important to remember that when playing around with instant apps, you should pay close attention to what permissions will be required when downloading an app from the Google Play Store. This way you can avoid any possible problems in the future and choose which features are most important so they can be accessible even after downloading.


It is clear that instant apps are becoming more significant than ever before. With Google Play Instant, developers can create interactive experiences that teach customers about their features and how to use them while saving time and money in the process. On top of this, instant game apps allow users to play new games within minutes instead of having to go through the tedious process of first downloading it.

This new technology has its limitations but is something worth looking into. Now that you know more about instant apps and how to access them, there is nothing stopping you from experiencing this interesting development for yourself.

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