Shopping Technology made Simpler – Shopping Apps Update

Shopping Apps

Shopping has changed from being a past time for many to essential during these COVID times. It has been the past time for women when they need new clothes, and it has been the past time for men when they have needed a new iPhone or a new electronic gadget. Walking into a store and buying products has been fun for some, and not so fun for others, but it has also takes a lot of time to shop. Mobile shopping, has been the perfect solution. During these COVID times, online shopping apps have become very critical and important. At the same time shopping technology from quick payment processing at checkout to AR/VR immersive technology and shopping AI/ML has propelled shopping apps to the next level.

So many people buy clothes online now. It saves the time and energy of going into a store and buying products. Especially use of AR/VR has allowed real mirror view in new fashion styles. Where as instant delivery to home has  ensured greater participation. Amazon has been one of the main players in the online shopping industry. People can get a lot from Amazon from clothing, to different products, to even electronics. Mobile shopping has changed the face of the shopping industry.

When shopping, it is important that you shop the best deals. Shopping at a store makes this so much more difficult, because it’s so hard to great deals between different stores. People would rather just go online, and find the deals and buy all at the same time. This is where apps like Konsier help with the mobile shopping experience. Konsier basically determines the trend of your shopping history, and creates items that you might want to see, or of discounts on products.

This type of technology is constantly changing the way we shop. Before, it was important that you enter a store that sold different goods to buy products. Now the shopping has been made simpler through the touch of a few buttons.

Sales Enablement Apps To Zoom Your Sales

Sales enablement apps are the future of selling. The primary function of any business is to “sell” something. Anything that helps make a sale is extremely crucial to not only profitability but also survivability. Sales enablement apps precisely help achieve that. They are core to any company that wants to improve their sales process and to help achieve defined sales metrics.

Sales enablement tools

All sales enablement apps must have few core functionality along with set of personalized abilities to suit business needs. Sales Dashboards, Sales Metrics view, Collateral & documents repository, Product availability & Marketing  ability and AI powered Chatbot are some essential and optional components that define a good sales enablement app.

Sales enablement apps allow mobile sales and marketing teams to keep  all their collaterals in a single repository that is easily accessible. As a result, sales people save significant time chasing collaterals essential for reaching sales targets.

Enable marketing and content creation teams to access precious data and to update collaterals based on marketing metrics. As a result, sales department can align themselves with marketing efforts to present an effective and credible front to prospects.

Legal compliance is a big factor for many regulated industries like healthcare, pharma, finance, real-estate and food & agriculture. For such companies, it is essential to have all such documents in a single repository.

Big part of sales enablement is meetings, executive briefings, training and onboarding. The Sales enablement app should fully allow these functions with easy. Furthermore, ability to schedule and reschedule meetings on the fly would help sales staff to achieve their sales metrics.

At Sunvera Software, we help you with creating your very own “Sales enablement” app to zoom thru your sales goals.

US falling behind in AI, ML

According to Forbes magazine 80% of enterprises already have some form of AI (artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics) initiatives with Asia Pac leading the field.Product Innovation and Research & Development,Data engineering, Intelligent workflow and decisioning automation, and analytic operations at scale being main areas for AI.

In many of the areas, US is behind both AsiaPac and Europe which is concerning given that traditionally US has lead the way in emerging technologies.

AI and ML planning

State of Affairs

The three main points from Forbes article are:

• 80% of enterprises already have some form of AI (machine learning, deep learning) in production today.
• 30% of enterprises are planning on expanding their AI investments over the next 36 months.
• 62% expect to hire a Chief AI Officer in the future.

An interesting insight from the article is that enterprises are starting to benefit from AI like never before. More enterprises benefiting would mean more and widespread application of AI techniques.

What can we do?

However, the fundamental question (like always) – is it vaporware? And when is the right time to jump in? And what can we do to establish US dominance in such emerging fields.

We at Sunvera started working on AI (machine learning/data-analytics) three years ago when we developed a product for a client in the financial sector. The AI web portal was designed to accurately forecast macro-economic metrics for application in financial investments to maximize returns and minimize losses. The system uses historic macro economic indicators to derive near future and long-term forecasts.

The mean error between actual and forecast values was less than 0.25% indicating a high confidence factor in results.

Our experience developing the product has helped us understand the nuances not only from a software development point of view but also from client’s application of AI to their businesses.

For example: in any application involving Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning or data analytics, it is important to start with good and sufficient data. It is also important to have wider datasets – factors not directly affecting outcome – to ensure good results. Finally, determining how to present results – web portal, mobile apps – is important ensure clients are able to benefit from the application.

At Sunvera Software we we can help you navigate and benefit from AI, ML and data-analytics. We know to separate vaporware from real when it comes to your specific solutions and help increase revenues and reduce losses.