Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing Automation Tools


Marketing Automation Tools are designed to streamline and monitor the activities of the Marketing Departments with the additional objective to automate the repetitive tasks.

There are several Marketing Automation Tools available in the market. Though some of their features are common, each tool brings along its own advantages and disadvantages.


Let us compare some of the popular Marketing Automation Tools. Some of these tools have high market share, global support and service resources. This comparison will give an idea of which features to look for, before making a purchase.

HubSpot –

  • The main feature of HubSpot is that it incorporates various marketing activities, but does not perform any one activity in detail. However, this comprehensive approach may prove beneficial for many businesses. HubSpot describes it as “inbound marketing automation tool”.
  • HubSpot is a great buy for small business owners as it provides basic functionality of several marketing strategies/approaches. A starter can conveniently experiment with this “all in one” tool.

ExactTarget/Pardot –

  • ExactTarget is meant for B2C companies whereas Pardot (acquired by ExactTarget) is meant for B2B companies. ExactTarget has a powerful communication system and uses channels beyond the conventional emails. It lays substantial emphasis on mobile application notifications.
  • Pardot is most suitable for the company which is looking to the future of marketing automation and intends to connect with its customers over various different communication channels.

Marketo –

  • Marketo happens to be the most known marketing automation software. This is because it offers a host of features, not only catering to email management but augmenting sales management too. Other than that, it also has a marketing platform, LaunchPoint with scores of integrations.
  • Marketo can prove to be a magic wand for businesses that start at a smaller scale and slowly graduate to advanced functionality. Even when there is an increase in scope of work, Marketo users can continue with the existing software and do not need to adopt a new system. This will save them from incurring huge expense and time. Ofcourse, absence of data loss is an added advantage, which would have occurred during any data migration. Marketo has a huge knowledge bank which is very helpful for new users.

Eloqua –

  • The greatest advantage of Eloqua is that it is a bundled software with hoards of features. It also invests considerable time and effort in training their users. This is necessary to properly educate the users of the software’s capability so that they can make use of them to the maximum possible extent.
  • Though Eloqua is priced on a little higher side, due to two important reasons it will prove to be the ‘best buy’. Firstly, if the user is looking for a prolonged technical guidance from the vendor. And secondly, if a strong integration with CRM is the business need. –

  • stands out in the crowd for its high level of flexibility. The user can customize it to suit the business requirement. It also comes with a lightweight UI and offers quick customer support.
  • is best suited for companies that are willing to devote some developer’s time to customize and implement it.


After studying the features, the tools are categorized as:

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