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SunVera is a small group of innovators and developers who have been working together for years and love helping people bring their visions to life. We have the performance track record others wish they had. Since we’ve been together for over 10 years, we understand what it takes to turn a vision into a working application. The combination of experience and knowledge of the latest tools available allows us to quickly grasp what you need and the best way to deliver it. What do you want to bring to life? Whether it is a Mobile or Web app or a full Enterprise platform, SunVera has the bandwidth to make it happen. Learn more about how Konsier works.

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KonsierTM is a revolutionary mobile marketing automation platform that opens up a 2-way information exchange between you and your customers’ smart phones, with information personalized and tailored to their unique preferences.

Why KonsierTM?

KonsierTM puts the most persuasive media in front of your ideal customer at a moment when they are most likely to make a buying decision. KonsierTM is Re-skinned for your business and presents information whenever your customer needs it on their smart phone in their pocket. No other system puts it all together like KonsierTM.

Apps For You

Sunvera doesn’t just make apps, we make platforms that deliver ROI and bring value to your customers. Focus Sunvera on your ROI by delivering low cost Apps that are personalized to your business and deliver an exceptional customer experience. As one of the best app developers, we can assure you that you will find value in our service.

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