Mobile Push Notifications

What exactly are mobile push notifications, and why should apps have them? What type of apps should have push notifications? How much time and effort is required to develop an app that has push notifications? What is the cost to add a push notification feature in an app? There are too many questions, and we are here to answer them all for you.

A ‘push notification’ is an alert message whenever any update comes, and it pops up on mobile devices. App developers can send notifications at any time by using the push notifications app feature, and it does not matter whether the user is using the app or not, the user will still receive the message. For example, a sports application can send you scores and important updates, and a weather app can send you weather updates with the help of push notifications. You can only receive mobile app push notifications if you have installed that specific app.

Mobile app push notifications look like message alerts and updates. Whether it is Android or iOS, every platform supports push notifications.


Why apps should have a push notification strategy?

Push and email notification plans are the best marketing strategy so far. Push notifications cannot disturb the users, because if users do not need push notifications, they can easily turn them off. If the app sends the right and useful push notifications, then the users are more likely to open those notifications. Push notifications are an effective and efficient way of bringing back inactive users and can increase the retention rate by five times if implemented correctly.

Push notifications can also enhance the engagement rate of the users. Push notifications for content matter a lot, as they will help the user to interact with an app more effectively. App developers can gather useful information about their app via push notifications and this information helps them at the time of updating and modifying their app.

Push notifications not only bring back the users but also increase the conversion rates of your app and enhance the user experience.


Types of Push Notification Apps

Push notifications should mainly have three important qualities that keep the users engaged. Push notifications must be highly personalized, timely, and very relevant. Let us find out the different types of push notifications.

  • The time-sensitive notification.
  • Highly personalized notifications design.
  • Reminder notifications.
  • Subscribed notifications
  • Rewards and achievements notifications


How to develop an app that has a push notifications feature?

Developing a perfect application with push notifications requires a lot of time and effort. First, you need to find out the taste of your audience and what they want. What they are likely to respond to? So, to implement this idea, you should have to find the reason why your audience downloads your app. If your app is related to sports events then send them the relevant push notifications that are related to sports. If you send irrelevant posts that are against the taste of your audience then it can decrease the performance of your app.

The second point that you need to consider is when your audience needs your services. It means that you should send the push notifications to your audience at the best time.

The third point that you need to consider is the location of your audience. You should target the location where your message will be most useful.


What’s the cost to add a push notifications feature in your app?

Push notifications apps are used to deliver all kinds of information to app users. Here we will discuss the top push notifications services that are used for mobile applications.

  • Amazon SNS
  • OneSignal


Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS is the best push notification service that allows the app developer to send push notifications. Amazon SNS’s price is $1 for one million push notifications.



OneSignal multi-tasking push notifications platform has almost all the features of push notifications. OneSignal has three plans.

  • Free
  • Starter ($99 per month)
  • Pro ($500 per month)


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