Ways Passwordless Access Can Help Your Business

passwordless accessPasswordless access is becoming more widespread, with Google’s recent announcement about moving towards ‘no passwords’. Businesses are already using passwordless access for many reasons. But how helpful can it be? Is it worth investing time and money into this method of security?

Let’s start with a quick, 30-second definition.


What is Passwordless Access?

Passwordless access is a way for companies to allow their users to access their data securely without ever having to enter a password. Security is maintained and access is much easier for the end user.

Passwordless access can be achieved in a number of ways including NFC, Bluetooth, and through Identity Providers such as Google’s recently launched Advanced Protection Program.

Now that we know what it means, let’s see how it can help your business.


How Businesses Can Benefit From Passwordless Access

Passwordless access has the potential to make your company’s life easier, safer and more convenient.

If you’re thinking of incorporating passwordless access to your business, you’d better make sure that you and all your employees understand and agree with the system. If any one of them is not willing to learn or uncomfortable using it, then they probably should not bear the responsibility of having to use it.

If you are willing to make the change, then there are many benefits your company can enjoy by choosing passwordless access over traditional passwords. Let’s take a look at them individually.


Increasing Productivity

A lot of companies are enthusiastic about going passwordless because they see it as an opportunity for their employees to increase productivity in the office.

We are all busy people, so anything that can save us some time is welcome. Passwordless access does just that, since it makes the whole process of logging in faster and easier for employees.

While passwordless technologies usually require an additional step during authentication (i.e. using a fingerprint or facial recognition), your employees won’t have to input their passwords every time they want to access their account, making the login process simpler.


Making Access Safer And Easier

Passwordless access is safer and easier to use because users do not have to enter their password each time they want to access their company’s data from a different device, such as a smartphone or a laptop. Passwordless access instead unlocks and opens access with nothing but that user’s knowledge of the system – specifically their unique “knock”.

For example, Google uses push notification technology to confirm that it is really you trying to log into your account. It also requires users to complete additional security steps before they can acquire access to their data.

This new technology, which has been called “magic pins”, is also beneficial because it works on both smartphones and laptops. Passwordless access also makes using your company’s data more convenient, from whatever device you may be using.


Easy On Your Employees And Customers

Another benefit of passwordless access is that it is easy on your employees and customers, especially for those who are not very tech-savvy.

There are no worries about entering the wrong password and risking the security of your company’s data, nor is there any frustration related to having to enter a password each time you want to access something.

It’s also very simple for clients or customers to use: all they have to do is request access, and that will give them online access through their chosen device(s). That way, customers can access their data from the comfort of their own homes.


Why Passwordless Access Is Not a ‘Complete’ Solution for Company Security

Now that you know all the unique benefits of passwordless access, it’s important to also remember what it is not. It is not a system that provides complete security to your company’s data, but it definitely makes accessing their data from various devices easier and faster for them as well as those outside the company who require it.

Passwordless access does not protect against malicious hacking, but it is still important to implement additional security measures (such as Two-Step Verification) if you want to keep your data more secure.


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