Why Antivirus Software Can’t Compete With Custom Security Software

custom security softwareComputer security has evolved over the last few decades. As computers have become more prevalent, virus and malware creators have created new forms of viruses that plague systems worldwide. Antivirus software was developed to combat these issues, but it is no longer capable of protecting users’ machines, which has led to security professionals developing their own custom security software to combat malware and virus invasions.


Difference between Antivirus Software and Custom Security Software

Custom security software refers to the development of independent programs that are not affiliated with antivirus software companies. They are often developed by individual security professionals as a means to combat viruses and malware without any affiliation with the large companies that create antivirus software.

Antivirus software, on the other hand, is created by large corporations for commercial use. They are often used in conjunction with an operating system to scan programs and files that are loaded onto a machine.


Why Custom Security Software is Superior to Antivirus Software

When you compare computer security software, you see that not all kinds are created equal. Those that develop custom security software often find that they are better than antivirus programs for several reasons.

First, antivirus applications require a substantial amount of memory and processing power to scan files and programs while they are put into action. This is why users see warnings when downloading large applications onto their machines if an antivirus program is not currently installed.

Custom security software, on the other hand, does not have that same requirement. They are often developed with performance in mind and they don’t require constant scanning to ensure that files are safe for use .

Custom security programs also offer more advanced features than those offered by antivirus companies. For example, AVG offers password management as a free service; however, custom programs such as Keepass can be used as well as KeePassX (a version of KeePass built specifically for Linux operating systems). Also, some versions of antivirus software do not offer password management within their product suites at all.

Furthermore, custom security software allows users to remove viruses and malware from their systems without having to purchase an entirely new program. Generally, people must uninstall their antivirus programs and purchase a new copy of antivirus software if they want to get rid of an infection.

However, since custom security software is developed independently by security professionals, users can often remove the virus using instructions that are readily available online for free. This allows them to save money on expensive antivirus applications.

Then, of course, you have free antivirus software, but what you’re saving to avoid investing in proper customized security will amount to a tiny fraction of what you will end up paying upon getting hacked.


The Importance of Businesses Using Custom Security Software

In the business world, security is a vital aspect of any company. This is why employees at businesses should use custom security software to protect their systems from malware and virus invasions.

For example, a system administrator for a business must ensure that machines are secure from outside threats as well as those created by malicious employees on the inside looking to steal sensitive information from the company. In addition, they may be held accountable if an employee contracts a virus or malware due to not having protection installed on his or her machine. If this happens, then it may reflect poorly upon management that allowed such an easy breach into the system.

Custom security software allows administrators to create secure networks with minimal chances of viruses entering through unsecured email attachments or web downloads. This ensures that the business is using safe systems at all times.


Why People Still Use Antivirus Software

There are three main reasons why people still use antivirus software even though it is generally ineffective against modern malware and viruses.

The first reason is that most users are not aware of how to recover their computer if they contract a virus or have malware installed on their machines. Many people don’t realize that free tools to remove viruses are available online for download, so they simply purchase antivirus software to deal with the problem instead.

The second reason why some people continue to use antivirus software is because they think it will protect them from everything . Since security professionals create custom programs without any affiliation with large corporations, many people assume that they are just as good.

The last reason why antivirus software is still used even though it has become obsolete is because some people simply do not care. They want their machines to be secure, but they also do not want to take the time to research custom security tools and install them on their systems.

Antivirus software should remain only as an emergency tool for when all other methods of removing viruses or malware have failed. Regular users and businesses should instead use custom security programs that provide them with the coverage they need to keep their computers safe at all times.


Final Thoughts

Antivirus software has been essential in protecting people’s machines from computer viruses and other such infections for many years; however, it has become apparent that custom security programs offer greater protection with fewer drawbacks.

Antivirus software must be constantly scanned when in use while custom security software does not have the same requirement . Also, custom security programs offer more features than antivirus companies at a fraction of the price.

Therefore, unless people are running extremely old machines that do not have the processing power to support custom security software programs, they should consider using one instead of antivirus software.

It is important for people to realize that there is no reason to pay high prices to protect their computers when free versions of custom security software exist. With all other things considered, it’s clear that custom security programs offer users superior protection without causing unnecessary strain on computer resources.

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