4 Essential Tips For Creating Successful Multiplayer Mobile Game

multiplayer mobile gameMobile gaming is a multibillion dollar industry, and a major part of that success comes from the multiplayer mobile games available. These are games that allow players to have some form of interaction with each other while playing on their devices either on their own or in real-time against humans or AI opponents.

Multiplayer mobile games, also called social mobile games, mobile MMO games, mobile MMORPGs or mobile online games, allow players to experience the game with other users over mobile devices.

While mobile game development is constantly evolving every day with the introduction of new technologies and platforms that help developers to create better user experiences through immersive mobile gameplay, multiplayer mobile games are becoming even more popular due to the mobile technology, mobile app development trends and mobile user behavior.


Here Are Some Essential Tips for Creating Successful Multiplayer Mobile Games:


1. Make Registration and Login Simple and Easy

Even mobile games with the simplest gameplay and fewest features require registration and login. This can be challenging for mobile users who may not understand what is required to start playing. Make it simple, provide easy steps and let them know exactly what they need to do to play your mobile game.


2. Include a Non-Skip Tutorial That Shows Users How To Play the Mobile Game

Mobile gamers expect mobile games to be easy and intuitive. When designing mobile games for multiplayer mobile gaming, include a tutorial that shows players what they need to do in order to start playing. Some mobile games allow users to skip this process, but many mobile users appreciate the opportunity and engage with the game at a higher rate. Studies have shown that when a tutorial is included, engagement and usage significantly increases.


3. Display a Leaderboard of Winners for Each Game Play or Sub-Set

For mobile multiplayer games, displaying winners’ rankings is critical to increasing user engagement and retention rates. This is because mobile gamers are motivated by competition and often want to compare themselves with their friends or other mobile game users in order to see how they stack up against the rest of the world. When mobile game developers include this feature, mobile games see higher engagement rates.


4. Allow Either Limited Trial and Upgrade or Free Play and In-App Purchase

Mobile game developers should provide some kind of mobile game trial so mobile gamers can feel confident about their purchase before committing to it.  Some mobile games offer a limited trial with the option of upgrading to the mobile game’s premium offering.  Another mobile game monetization model is to offer mobile gamers the chance to play the mobile game for free and then include optional in-app purchases.


The mobile gaming industry has become one of the biggest technology markets, and mobile games are not only for entertainment purposes but also allow companies to promote their products, services and mobile apps.  With mobile game development companies offering developers new tools to create mobile games, gamers are expecting even more immersive mobile gameplay experiences than ever before.


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