A New Generation of Marketing

Four young marketers Twenty years ago, life was different. A person might have been carrying around a clunky “cell phone” while walking towards the library to use the computer.

This person might have actually paid attention while driving past a billboard that was trying to sell a product. That was the past, today people carry “smart” phones that have revolutionized the way we live, and instead of looking up at the billboards, we are mostly looking down at our smart phones.

Retailers are using this new generation of technology to their benefit for mobile marketing automation. This basically refers to the way that marketers orchestrate automated campaigns through channels such as email or social media sites using mobile marketing automation software to send relevant content to you while automating the delivery time of the message. The way mobile automated marketing works is when you buy something at a store, if you have registered by downloading their app, it delivers new promotions based on what you bought with related offers for similar or companion items to your smart phone. By using mobile automated marketing applications that track your consumer behavior retailers can ensure that the content is timely and relevant to you thus avoiding the dreaded nuisance factor.

A simple example clarifies the process… You could be driving towards San Francisco from LA. On the way there, there really isn’t much to eat and you are searching on your phone for food other than fast-food. Suddenly there’s a billboard that is advertising a restaurant. Based on that location, you get an automated message that gives a twenty percent off coupon for use on your next visit if you sign up by downloading their app.

One app that focuses on automated mobile marketing is Konsier. This app collects different buying trends for an individual and markets specific campaigns towards you. Let’s say that you go to Macy’s and you are looking for copper clad cook pots. You are already registered with them for their mobile app. Once there a notification appears on your smart phone for a promotion on their brand of copper clad pots and pans. There may also be links to the Macy’s website for additional information or even a YouTube video on how to care for your copper pots. The options for content delivery are endless.

Automation has been somewhat key in marketing. However, automated mobile marketing has been essential in properly understanding consumer behavior, which is what apps like Konsier provide. This new generation of smart phone will take mobile automated marketing to a new level, which is already happening with many retailers on the mobile platforms.