20 Tips to Accelerate Business Growth and Success

BusinessWhat are some of the most successful companies in your city? Chances are, many of them use one or more growth tactics to accelerate their business growth. Some might not think about techniques for accelerating business growth as a marketing practice, but it is exactly that-how you engage with and approach customers and create an experience so memorable that they will keep coming back. Here are twenty tips to accelerate business growth and help you nail your marketing strategy.


1. Be a Sales Guru, Even if You Are Not the COO

You may feel that only the chief operating officer can be the sales guru but don’t discount yourself so easily. Many firms have more than one sales guru (usually with one that is well versed in the technical side of things and another, usually a business manager, whose skills are more focused on the sales and marketing aspect). There are many characteristics of a sales guru. The most important aspect of this role is to have a real, tried and true, inside sales team or firm. Here are some other traits:

  • The ability to communicate and sell new ideas, products, services or concepts from start-up to market launch without having had an extended period of testing or proving the viability in the marketplace.
  • The ability to sell a product or service that they didn’t invent, create, deliver and market.
  • The ability to sell an intangible item even though the company has no assets. What is your one core product or service? Is it something that can be delivered with minimal risk or investment in time or money? All sales gurus are able to handle objections without shutting down communication with potential clients.


2. Be a Problem Generator

We know this might sound a bit odd but it is an important skill that every sales guru must develop and use to their advantage. You see, you need to get the prospect comfortable with your firm so that they will consider letting you “do something for them”. So how do you do that? By focusing on the problems they are having and helping them express and outline their concerns. Oftentimes, sales gurus have a way with words that helps people to open up and reveal what is really going on in their business.


3. Becoming a Superhero for Your Employees

It’s essential to make sure that people who work for you have fun working with you. If they do not, it’s likely they can’t deliver their best. In order to keep the staff engaged and energized, you must be personable. You should always be available for questions and ask them questions as well. When you are in the office, be sure to play with your team members and involve them in some activities that will get them talking and laughing.


4. Becoming a Superhero for Your Customers

It’s essential to make sure that people who use your products or services have fun working with you. If they do not, it’s likely they will leave and tell others about their bad experience (and thereby damaging the company’s reputation).


5. Become a Sales Champion

A sales champion is someone who works extra hard to close deals. This person sets a good example for others and helps them to become better at what they do. They also make sure that the sales staff has everything they need to close a deal. They are usually found in companies with multiple branches or divisions and help smooth the way for processes to be streamlined so everyone can work together seamlessly.


6. Make Sure Your Products and Services Are Marketed

In order for sales to be successful, you need people know about it (i.e., marketing). Marketing can be very complex and is often handled in-house. However, there are specific marketing strategies and tactics that can be outsourced to other companies. Regardless of your decision, you need to make sure it’s done effectively so people know they have a product or service available for them to purchase.


7. Consider Building Strategic Alliances With Others

Strategic alliances can help you a lot in developing a successful business. Consider the benefits of working with other companies that provide complementary products or services. For example, you may have developed a new software product but still need help with implementation (i.e., another company would be able to provide this service for you while selling their own products / services).


8. Live in the Moment

Business and life are full of ups-and-downs. It’s crucial to make sure you pay attention to what’s happening at this moment and handle issues as they come up. This will help you develop your ability to quickly adapt to any situation and get the job at hand done effectively – which is very important for business success.


9. Create a Roadmap for Your Business

A roadmap or “roadmap” is an important aspect of planning because it helps you to achieve long-term success by creating steps that can be achieved during the course of several months (or years). You don’t have to develop one right away but start formulating ideas about where you think your company wants to go. Then, start talking about it with your team members and refining the ideas as you move forward. Having a roadmap is one of the most important things you can do for your business because it helps keep everyone focused on reaching goals and making money.


10. Pay Attention to What Customers Are Saying and Try To Learn From Them

One of the best ways to improve your business is by learning lessons from your customers. There’s nothing better than getting first-hand experience about what their needs are regarding your products / services. You can then use this information to improve your offerings.


11. Strive for Excellence

Don’t just settle for doing things in a good way — always push yourself to do things 10x better.


12. Work on Being Perceived as an Expert by Your Potential Clients

There are many ways that you can do this: writing white papers and articles, publishing books and eBooks, contributing to forums, attending conferences and events related to your business as well as getting certified for things that you know about (this last one requires time and effort but can really help your business).


13. Learn To Sell by Asking Questions

Most people learn this skill incorrectly — they think the more questions you ask, the better salesperson you are. This is not true because many salespeople who do this often come across as being intrusive or even pushy — which is a big turn-off for a potential customer. The best way to learn how to sell by asking questions is to ask open-ended questions that are easy for people to answer (this requires practice).


14. Make Sure Your Company Is Equipped With the Right Tech

Technology can be a great help in any business, but it’s important to make sure your company is using the right technology tools. The right tools will include: phones that you can use for making sales calls (i.e., mobile phone), internet access and even video cameras for recording how your products are being used on location. Not just hardware though, you need to be sure that you have the right software tools as well to improve operational efficiency and save on major costs.


15. Teach, Don’t Just Sell

Develop a certain skill that you can teach others in your business — this is something that will not only help them be better at what they do but it will also prove to people who become interested in your products / services that you are an expert at what you do.


16. Don’t Take Things Personally

One of the best ways to become successful in business is to make sure you’re not letting your feelings affect your work. Customers may at times be unhappy with what you’re offering and this can cause some serious problems if you take it personally (i.e., start blaming yourself for errors that could have been made by them).


17. Find a Mentor

A mentor can be someone who has already started his business and is willing to help you improve your own as well. It’s important that you find someone who is not only successful but also someone that will share with you some of the secrets on how they’ve become successful themselves.


18. See the Big Picture Even When You’re Focused on Small Details

This is one of the most important things to learn because sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down by the little details and miss out on the bigger picture. The great thing about seeing the big picture is that you can see a lot more opportunities that may have otherwise been missed.


19. Learn From Others

There are many people out there who have already been successful at what you’re trying to do — why not learn from them? You can save a lot of time and energy by learning from their past mistakes.


20. Network As Much as Possible

Many people fail when it comes to business because they don’t have the right network of people around them. Even if you don’t have a mentor, you should always be reaching out to new people and connecting with them — this way your network will grow stronger and the opportunities that you’re able to take advantage of will become bigger as well.


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