AI and ML Will Play A Significant Role in The Future of Agriculture

AI and MLThe agriculture and food sector in itself is a trillion-dollar industry. With the ever-increasing population, there is a higher demand for food which in turn demands more production. However, with the current farming techniques, we are using, we can’t produce enough to meet this demand.

This has led scientists to develop new methods that would prove to be more efficient than the current farming techniques. Automation by the use of robots is one such solution that seems to be the answer. This requires the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML).


Current State of the Agriculture Industry

The agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors in any economy. It employs a significant amount of workforce and there’s a high demand for food produced by it. However, to meet this demand for food, we need to increase the production of these farms. But with humans working on it currently, it’s not always possible. There is a lot of wastage in this process because of which there are fewer numbers that end up being produced.

This is where agriculture technology software such as robots come into play and prove to be a very efficient solution.


How AI and ML Can Improve Agriculture Practices

AI and ML can improve farming practices by the use of machines. These machines can monitor the condition of a farm, take care of it just like a human would do, and increase production while reducing the waste produced.

This technology is being developed currently to help farmers in their day-to-day tasks using robots that have AI/ML systems installed on them. The use of these robots will not only improve the farm output but also increase efficiency in farms.

Machine Learning is an automated method for obtaining actionable insights from data that provide predictive models through algorithms and statistical techniques. Machine learning can help organizations automatically discover important patterns hidden in large data sets, ranging from consumer preferences to anomalies affecting critical systems.

AI is a rapidly growing technology area. It also can perform tasks in an automated manner and can provide better solutions than humans can. This has led to not just improvement in industrial processes but also aids in the development of the agriculture and food sector.

Some specific applications of agricultural AI are:


Determining Weather and Climate

The current harvesting season depends on the climate and weather conditions that we experience. With the use of this technology, we can predict future climatic patterns and plan to avoid any loss and increase yields by the use of AI/ML systems.


Predictive Maintenance

This will also contribute towards increasing the efficiency of the farming sector. By using predictive maintenance on farm machines, we’d be able to plan out when there is a need for repair and replace it before it causes issues.


Plant Protection

We can use AI/ML to prevent any sort of plant injury while at the same time boosting its growth rate by identifying pests or diseases that affect the growth of plants.


Data Collection

By having data collected on an ongoing basis, we can use this information to improve crop yield and ensure efficient farming practices. This is where the robots come in handy since they can gather all sorts of data without any issues.


Automated Irrigation

Using AI/ML, systems can be automated so that they can automatically control sprinkler valves without any human interference. This will help save time along with water.


Identify Genetically Improved Seeds

These seeds are genetically improved so that they have better yield and higher resistance to diseases or other factors that affect plant growth. This technology helps identify these seeds more quickly thereby improving crop yields.


Identify Crop Problems

By using AI, we can identify and fix the problems with crops faster than it would take a human to do so to increase productivity and avoid any losses because of this problem.


Other Useful Technology/Software For Agriculture

Along with AI and ML, farmers can leverage other technologies as well to improve crop yield and farm management strategies.


Jatropha Curcas Plant

This is a plant that’s grown specifically for biofuel production purposes. This plant doesn’t require much maintenance, can grow on soils with high acid content, and can produce for up to three decades.


Plant Sensors

These are sensors that collect information about the state of plants hence allowing growers to target their fertilization accordingly. It also allows them to determine which stages of growth require more water or nutrients.


Virtual Reality

This technology is being looked into as a way to monitor and enhance crop yields. It will allow farmers to experience what their crops would look like under certain conditions, without actually needing to visit the farm. This helps save time and boost efficiency. VR systems provide a three-dimensional view from all angles which also allows for easy monitoring of many different crops.


AI and the Future of Agriculture Technology

With the advancement in AI and ML, more people are looking into how these technologies can be applied to improve agriculture and its efficiency. There is a good amount of research already done on this but still, more work needs to be done.

Any new technology that comes about will need some time to gain acceptance by farmers as it’ll take a while for society to adapt to it.

With the current advancements that are being made in this field, there is a very bright future for agriculture and its efficiency. AI & ML will play a large role in the success of farms around the world.

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