Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Profession

Artificial intelligenceIt is unworthy for lawyers to spend hours like laborers for calculations, as it could be done in no time by using modern calculating machines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows attorneys to lower down the level of minor tasks and free time for them to focus on client interactions and complex analytical issues. AI enhances the ability of an attorney to serve their clients, enhance their law practices, and research. It is true that law practice indeed involves a lot of documentation and paperwork.

Even simple cases involve many documents and reports. The attorney must review all the material associated with the case. It can rise to malpractice if an attorney misses or changes the key terms. To resolve this issue, AI makes it easy to review documents. In this post, we will discuss Artificial intelligence and the legal profession, its impacts on legal professional jobs and businesses. But before that, we need to understand the term ‘artificial intelligence’.


About Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) involves using machines such as a robot, computer, or product and inculcating human-like qualities in that machine as how intelligent humans think. AI studies how the human brain thinks, makes decisions, stores knowledge, and learns when it tries to resolve issues. At the end, the output of this study is an intelligent software system. The ultimate aim of AI is to improve computer functions related to human knowledge. Some examples are:

  • Solving problems
  • Learning things
  • Reasoning
  • Linguistic intelligence
  • Ideologies


Due to its evolution with time, AI is classified into Artificial intelligence levels. These include.

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) This first level, as its name suggests, is restricted to only one functional area and has a limited scope.
  2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) This level of AI is at an advanced level: it covers more than one field, which includes reasoning power, abstract thoughts, and solving problems.
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) This is the final level of AI eruption. At this level, AI spreads human intelligence everywhere, across all fields.

The journey from the first level to AGI has taken more time. Now we are about to complete the second level of AI, where humans and machines will be equal in terms of intelligence. In the future, all the artificial intelligence levels will be achieved if we understand its importance fast enough.



How Does AI Benefit Lawyers?


Artificial Intelligence (Al) saves most of the attorneys’ time, which allows them to easily focus on other tasks, such as advising their clients legally, spending time in court, and negotiating deals. AI has taken away the complex process of reviewing and managing documents within complex contracts and a considerable process that attorneys do on behalf of their clients.

There is a strong relation between artificial intelligence and the legal profession of practicing law. Law is also based on predictability. Here, artificial intelligence can assist in many complex and repetitive tasks with magnificent results in predictability.



How Does AI Benefit the Business Sector?


Artificial intelligence can be used to help select and develop contracts when doing business with a new customer. AI can also be used to send alerts before important dates in contracts. This helps a lot for a business to manage an agreement effectively. The primary goal in business is to know the risks and problems involved in contracts and how contracts will be revised to deal with negative impacts for clients.

AI helps sort out issues fast that are mostly ignored or overlooked by human eyes. It clears all difficult points in contracts and makes them crystal clear and easy for both parties as business contracts are becoming more lengthy and complex in our economies. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help both parties draft those contracts by taking clauses for applicants to give a condition; here, AI benefits the attorney to focus on the most important new points while making a mutually beneficial agreement.

In drafting contracts and agreements, consistency is also a key factor. For example, suppose a client or a party wants a term in a specific manner throughout the agreement or contract. In that case, we must ensure that it should be accurate and should be incorporated promptly because any variation here could prove damaging. Artificial intelligence (Al) software ensures the consistency of these terms while also identifying any variation with a warning.



Artificial Intelligence and the Industrial Unit


Artificial intelligence offers excellent potential for industries. It is already ensuring that the production of goods is more reliable, efficient, and flexible. The material for production finds its way in the hall on its own. Optimization plants consume their power during their live operations, and operating machines check the quality and make essential adjustments.

Industries are rapidly running towards digitalization where data is continuously produced, processed, and analyzed. Here, operating machines are programmed to design and structure the products and pieces of machinery.



Artificial Intelligence Unleashes Financial Opportunities


Artificial intelligence not only captivated the minds of industrial units and delighted scientists, but it has successfully delighted people in business. AI is rapidly becoming a massive sector that will bring financial opportunities and growth for industrial sectors, and benefit both businessmen and industries with its technological power.



Bottom Line


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the research focus for nearly three decades. During this period, significant advancements have been made towards this useful game-changing technology in the following fields: data transmission, computer generations, more robust software, and hardware.

With AI, the complexities which humans were facing and taking a lot of time with has run away. AI eases human efforts, and this emerging tech trend has become helpful for lawyers, the business sector, industrial units, and many other verticals. In the next three to five years, we will see a massive growth in the use of AI in our daily lives.


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