Attendance Management System: Uses, Benefits, and Cost

Attendance Management SystemAn attendance management system is a tool that can help in tracking an employee’s attendance, leave, and absence. It will help in solving many of the problems faced by companies, and it is easy to keep track of who attends your sessions through an attendance management system. You can easily view a student’s attendance records on a map, view information about their refunds, and more. An attendance management system can also help you manage the time it takes for students to attend a course.


Which Industries Can Benefit From an Attendance Management System?

A typical time and attendance software is used by industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, sports clubs, and schools. The most common type of attendance management system is a time clock. The primary purpose of an automated time clock system is to record the time that employees start and finish working for the entire day. This information can then be accessed by supervisors or payroll and HR departments to analyze timesheets to pay wages, and generate payroll reports, manage leave requests, or process any other pay-related tasks.

Here are some industries where attendance management systems can be used:



The objective of a healthcare employee attendance system is to improve the efficiency of patient care. A healthcare time clock system can help employees record entering and leaving time. Apart from employees, custom healthcare systems can also keep track of the patents too.



An attendance management system can also be used in manufacturing plants to record employees working hours on their computers or smartphones. Managers and HR departments can use the information recorded by attendance management software for various purposes including decision making, payroll-related tasks, or analyzing employee productivity trends.


Sports Clubs

Sports clubs can also use an attendance management software to record the timings of employees. Time information recorded by attendance management software can be accessed by club managers on their mobile devices, or by payroll and HR departments to analyze timesheets.


Schools and Educational Institutes

A school attendance management system is a time clock where teachers track their daily working hours. The time clock records the information which can then be accessed by HR departments to generate payroll reports and manage leave requests.


Government Departments

A government worker’s online attendance management system can be used to record the timings of citizens at certain offices or clients. The information recorded by attendance management software can be accessed by supervisors on their devices.


Retail Industry

A retail store cloud-based attendance system is a time clock that enables employees to record the time they start and finish working for the day. The information recorded by attendance management software can be accessed by store managers on their devices to analyze the performance of the employees and their working time.



5 Benefits of Attendance Management System for Business

Businesses need a way to track employees that are out sick or on vacation, or simply need to be absent for whatever reason. To do this, they should consider investing in an attendance management system. Here are five benefits of an attendance management system for businesses:


1. Reduce Absenteeism

Absenteeism is the percentage of an individual’s time off as indicated by the absence of records in the attendance logbooks of their employers. Absence may be due to illness, vacation, or parental leave for domestic workers.


2. Improve Performance

Absenteeism typically results in poor work performance with no or low morale and low productivity. Therefore, absentee rates should be monitored regularly to identify problems and take appropriate corrective measures at the earliest stage, to improve performance.


3. Minimize Costs

Absenteeism is also expensive for organizations. Absent employees cost money in salaries, replacement costs, and time lost. Higher rates of absenteeism are associated with reduced organizational performance and productivity. Almost everyone has some level of unplanned absences or absenteeism in their work schedule but it can be managed effectively with the use of attendance management software.


4. Assist in Payroll Processing

Human resource managers need to know whether people are at work or not to ensure that they’re getting paid as well as to plan for future staffing needs that their business may have. This can be done by using an attendance management software system.


5. Increase Employee Morale

Absenteeism can lead to increased levels of stress and dissatisfaction amongst employees. Good attendance management software will therefore boost morale and help to reduce staff turnover which is often due to absenteeism.



Cost for Off-the-Shelf Attendance Management System

The cost for off-the-shelf attendance management systems is an average of $60 per month for a small business. The price depends on the number of users, the features each system has, and other factors. The exact cost of the system may vary depending upon the platform from where you bought or subscribed to the system. In general, you can expect to pay $2-$10 per employee each month.



Get a Custom Attendance Management System

If you don’t want to pay monthly costs and want to get rid of additional charges, you can hire a software development firm for custom solutions. This approach will not only allow you to get better control over your business but you can also avoid paying monthly charges and subscription fees.

Attendance management systems that are readily available in the market pose different challenges and limitations. On the other hand, software developers can create custom time and attendance software as per your business requirements. A custom employee attendance system is the best way to monitor employee performance and attendance.


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