• CompanyAltura
  • Year2000
  • TypeHealthcare Platform & App


The Altura HCP Studies is a mobile and web platform that provides quick access to health-related studies, experience surveys, and resources. Users have access anytime, anywhere and can share studies and resources with others as needed. It can be used by anyone, including patients, caregivers, support group/advocacy group leaders, and HCPs (Health Care Providers).

Key features we implemented

Disease experience & satisfaction surveys

Easy to submit clinical trial studies.

Custom metrics & report tool available
HCP Studies supports patient engagement for healthcare providers of all types (e.g. doctors, PAs/NPs, nurses, pharmacists).

How we benefited them

Allowed easy access to healthcare resources & studies

Quick access to studies, surveys and resources for your patients. Access to the latest research & health news.

HIPAA compliant platform & app

Both the mobile and web platforms are HIPAA compliant, and also comply with other privacy standards.

Easy interface

Easy to use and intuitive navigation.

Personalized experience

Customizable based on areas of interest.

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