Chatbot Use Cases: 5 Ways to Implement Chatbots to Your Business

ChatbotA chatbot can be used as an interactive customer service, a personal assistant or an educational tool. It can be used to temporarily replace human staff for accepting orders, answering clients’ questions, and giving instructions. They are capable of learning and ‘understanding’ the needs of your customers. A chatbot can even help you build trust by interacting with your clients on social media accounts like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp and other messaging platforms.

Here are the top 5 ways to implement chatbots into your business:


1. Chatbot for Order Management

If you have a high-volume product selling business, involving an automated order management system with a chatbot is a great way to keep your customers happy. It will allow them to place orders faster and at any time of the day with just a single click. Your clients will appreciate this new approach as it’s so easy to use and convenient.


2. Chatbot for FAQs Support

Here is the verbatim example of how you can deploy a chatbot for FAQs support: You are developing a new social media platform. It takes several months to complete this project and launch the product to your targeted audience. But there are thousands of questions about the platform that people want to ask before they are ready to hit the ‘subscribe’ button. So, you can convert these frequently asked questions into chatbot FAQs support and provide answers right within Messenger or via Facebook Ads. This way, you can get real-time feedback on the key features of your product and at a timely manner.


3. Chatbot for Order Follow Up

Implementing an automated one-to-one chatbot conversation for order follow-up will allow your customers to interact with a bot to secure shipping and delivery details, track their orders or ask about your refund policy. This way, you can have the same information available for them that your customer service agents have – with a fraction of the cost. It will also allow customers to chat with your staff even when your business is closed.


4. Chatbot for Promotional Campaigns

You can also use chatbots for promotional campaign execution. For example, a single chatbot conversation can be used to promote your “winter sale” or any other special event discounts. You don’t need to deploy several costly marketing campaigns across multiple platforms – let a bot do it all! The same chatbot can also be used to inform your customers about any of the upcoming events or company news. You can use this kind of chatbot as a marketing assistant for your entire business.

It will allow you to automate your marketing process and save lots of time.


5. Chatbot as a Customer Service Representative (CSR)

This is the “go big” approach that gives you tons of benefits for small cost and effort. You may have heard about Amazon Alexa or Facebook Messenger’s bots named “Pepper”. These are the best examples of chatbot as a CSR. Pepper (a bot developed by SoftBank Robotics) has been installed in many retail shops in Japan to serve clients with directions and answers for FAQs support.

Not only these bots can help consumers but also provide invaluable data for business owners to make their services better and more efficient. For example, it can show how many visitors come to the shop, what is their range of age and sex, where do they live… All this data will help you improve your marketing strategies.

As businesses grow bigger and more sophisticated every day, we have a chance to implement new technologies into our daily activities as well. Most importantly, chatbot is a technology that can help you grow your business faster, improve customer loyalty and save time and money. You should always consider a chatbot as one of the ways to increase your profits with minimum investment.


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