Common Errors in Custom Mobile Application Development

custom mobile application developmentCustom application development is a complicated process and requires both in-depth knowledge of application programming and mobile platforms. In contrast to common belief, reliable development of a custom mobile app takes longer than expected. In order to meet the expectations of your clients and deliver great results, you should be aware of most frequent mistakes that affect project success.


Custom Mobile Application Development: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes to avoid is custom mobile application development:


1. Not Understanding the Target Audience of Your App

Targeting the wrong audience is a common mistake that leads to decreased sales and less positive reviews. Before you start custom mobile application development , make sure to identify specific target users and their preferences. When you know what type of people will be using your product, you can adjust features of your app to match their needs and preferences.


2. Forgetting About Android Version Fragmentation

The majority of Android devices are capable of running an application developed for most recent operating system release without any significant issues. However, there is a drawback associated with this fact: since there are so many models and each one differs from the other, you need to create a separate app for each device. Before you start custom mobile application development, be aware of the risk related to Android version fragmentation and work out a plan that will deal with this issue.


3. Taking On Too Many Projects at Once

Having too many projects at the same time can make it difficult to meet all goals and deadlines. It is almost impossible to provide high-quality work in such circumstances and maintain proper communication with clients.


4. Not Planning Work Properly

Creating a schedule after you have started working is often not enough – it’s better to plan your tasks before they are assigned to you, particularly since mobile app development is time-consuming and requires attention to detail. When you allocate time for each task and break it down, you can easily determine how much time is needed for your project and avoid missing its due date.


5. Not Analyzing the Competition Properly

Creating an application in a competitive niche means that you should be aware of direct and indirect competitors and keep track of their updates and enhancements to offer better applications than them. If you discover that your potential customers are more interested in another product, you can either adjust your idea or choose a different niche for developing the application.


6. Neglecting UI & UX Design

Design plays an important role in mobile app success, so don’t forget to involve professional designers in your team. You can’t examine all designs by yourself since you don’t have the necessary experience to compare average and best-in-class designs.


7. Choosing an Inappropriate Programming Language

If you are new to the industry, it is better to avoid complicated languages with unique terminologies and instead prefer languages that are more straightforward and easier to learn.


8. Copying Someone Else’s Code

Although it is tempting to use ready-made solutions, they can cause more problems most of the . Remember that if you are not the one who developed the solution, you might encounter serious security issues that are difficult to find and fix on your own. Before using someone else’s code, ensure that it is error-free and up to date. This means you should read the license terms and check if the product you are planning to use is free of licensing or patent restrictions.


9. Not Testing Properly

Testing should be an integral part of any development process because it helps find errors earlier, when they are easier to fix. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to fix the mistakes and issues that should have been discovered earlier.


10. Not Using Analytics Properly

Analytics allow you to collect data about how users interact with your application and make decisions based on this information (for example, whether they use particular features or remain on a particular screen for longer than others). If you don’t understand the data provided by analytics, you won’t be able to improve your product and provide better user experience.

Whatever mistakes you make during custom mobile application development, it is vital that you learn from them and avoid repeating them in future projects. It’s also worth considering hiring professional help – it is often more helpful to invest in professional services than to try and do everything on your own.

After you have learned from mistakes made during application development, you should be able to increase the chances of success for future projects. Productivity and profitability go hand-in-hand – as long as you learn from your mistakes, your profits will increase.


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