Healthcare App Development: 8 Hot Healthcare App Ideas Right Now

healthcare appThe healthcare industry is one that has always been popular in creating apps. There are countless applications that have come out, but the problem is that many aren’t useful enough to make it on a list of “must-have” apps. Take a look at our list below for some good ideas for your next app!


1. Medical Transcription Management System

This is a web-based application that will allow you to monitor the patient’s progress, check for medication allergies and previous procedures, and edit/approve reports submitted by your transcription services. The ability to streamline the backend reporting for your office is priceless.


2. Homecare Tracking Tool

Hospitals are currently moving towards an era of ‘Homecare’ where patients suffering from chronic conditions are encouraged to manage their own care as much as possible. This app will help them monitor vital signs, pharmacological intake and progress etc.


3. Patient Information System

Imagine a tablet application for doctors and nurses that gives them up-to-date information about their patients. This app will help speed up the process of patient treatment by removing any barrier between information and those who require it.


4. Hospital Patient Flow Tool

Clinicians working in government hospitals are often faced with manpower shortages. An application that will help visualize the number of patients visiting a physician on any given day/shift and the time taken to treat them will go a long way in increasing the productivity of healthcare personnel.


5. Healthcare Mapping Tool

Medical mapping tools help physicians/clinicians visualize medical data over maps based on clinical, epidemiological and demographic information of relevant populations. They are particularly beneficial for administering flu-shots to specific regions with optimum efficiency.​


6. Hospital Ward Management Tool

A hospital ward management tool helps the medical manager understand how efficiently a ward is being utilized and thus, take corrective measures that will help improve the situation. Additionally, it helps increase hospital revenue by finding more efficient staffing levels and room utilization.


7. Disease Management Application

A disease management app helps sufferers of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure monitor their symptoms and keep track of their medication. Physicians can also monitor the progress of their patients remotely.


8. Telehealthcare Mobile Application

This mobile application helps connect doctors with healthcare specialists across specialties in real-time. Patients suffering from chronic illnesses can access the app, locate a specialist in their area, and book an appointment with them.


Healthcare app development is a rapidly growing industry, and offers great prospects for entrepreneurs. With the increasing number of smartphones in the market, mobile health-care apps are in high demand to help providers deliver healthcare services at any time, anywhere.


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