“Look, Click, Work” The Future of the Gig Economy

gig economy

As our lives become more and more consumed by our smartphones, we must begin to understand the “Gig” economy and the ease, comfort, and flexibility that brings to both workers and consumers.  Freelancing has never become more popular nor so profitable.

But what is the “Gig” economy?

The “Gig” economy comes from the old jazz term coined in the 1920’s for a side job or quick performance.  Well now that the side-job is becoming people’s main job, and the gig economy has altered the way people view work making it difficult for the country to regulate these new business strategies.

4 Gig Strategies for the Intrapreneur

  1. Place: For the gig employee, your workplace is wherever you are most productive. Coffee shop, car, or home office, your workplace can be as flexible as you are.
  2. Routine: Getting down a solid routine is essential for running a productive peer to peer transaction business. Despite the fact that you no longer are working your average 9-5 desk job, keeping a rigid schedule can actually improve your productivity and help grow your business.
  3. Purpose: One important way to escape the corporate office jungle is to maintain your purpose and drive. Identify the change you want to see in the world and pursue that change.  The ancient philosopher Seneca writes “It is not that we have so little time [in life] but that we lose so much.” With a clear focus, your small company can eliminate wastefulness and make great meaning out of your time and effort.
  4. People: It’s a bit like the “chicken or the egg” riddle. Did Uber create ride sharing customers or did ride-sharing customers create Uber?  Peer to peer technology eliminates the middle-man so customers and independent business owners can push the boundaries of technology.

Examples of Peer-to-Peer Transactions

At home Fitness Trainer
Food Ordering App
home doctor
Doctor and Pharmacy at home care
Line Savers

At Sunvera Software, we can help you escape your workplace monotony and, like millions of others, join the future of business in the gig economy.  Sunvera Software is software development company in the exciting and creative heart of Irvine, California.  Give us a quick call and we can help you plan for your technology future.