Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software


There has been a paradigm shift in the way business is run today. Till some years ago, the Outbound methods were used to approach the prospective customers. Outbound methods included making cold calls, sending emails, arranging road shows, presentations etc. However, with the advent of technology, Inbound methods are now in vogue. These methods aim at getting found online, quickly converting leads to customers and generating business analytics.


Marketing Automation Software is a technological platform which provides a plethora of services to the company to run the business effectively. It adopts a comprehensive approach and allows the company to regulate, automate and monitor its marketing tasks.

What are the characteristics of a Marketing Automation Software ?

Any Marketing Automation Software comes with certain set of features. Though the degree and potential of any feature will vary from one software to another, the prime objective of the software is to perform data analysis and generate high ROI for the business.

Main characteristics of a Marketing Automation Software are discussed below:

  • Email Marketing It designs and sends automated, personalized emails with details of offers or events. It also ensures inbox delivery, handles bounced mails and offers unsubscribe facility.
  • Online Marketing It dynamically customizes landing pages for specific customer segment and creates mobile optimized emails. It also tracks how the keywords and links perform in popular search engines.
  • Lead Management It synchronizes the information of leads, contacts and opportunities with the CRM. It also tracks the online behavior of the customers as to which webpages are visited and which emails are opened.
  • Campaign Management It manages the budget of all marketing campaigns by allocating appropriate resource and finance to each activity. Campaign Management includes sending personalized invitations, doing registration, sending reminders and post-campaign follow ups.
  • Reports and Analytics It prepares already built-in reports and also allows the user to create customized reports. It manages the leads, prospects and customers and examines the ROI of each marketing activity. This helps the company to know which is the most profitable approach for a particular customer segment.

What are the benefits of a Marketing Automation Software ?

Marketing Automation Software brings a host of benefits to the companies. Some of the major benefits are listed below.

  • It monitors all marketing campaigns to prioritize the initiatives and optimize resources.
  • It reduces the time spent in administering marketing campaigns.
  • It closes the deals with quick Response Time.
  • It maintains a Brand Consistency across campaigns and channels via templates and standards.
  • It customizes the marketing activities according to the need of each customer.
  • It automates the marketing activities for round-the-clock engagement.

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5 Points to Ponder

  • Before purchasing, do a research on the available Marketing Automation Softwares.
  • Don’t go by hearsay; software suited for one business may not be suitable for others too.
  • Read customer reviews.
  • Examine all the benefits offered, as claimed by the vendor.
  • Explore all the marketing options e.g Rush Hour Sale, Slotted Hour Sale, Coupons, Rewards Points etc – a combination of them may be applicable on a case to case basis.
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