Patient Acquisition: 3 Roadblocks and How You Can Fix Them

For the past decade or so, healthcare organizations have been using various digital marketing mediums to acquire patients. This has worked well to a certain extent, but keep in mind that retaining their interest is another major factor of patient acquisition that cannot be ignored. These days, however, companies are taking a more strategic approach to patient acquisition and this involves nurturing their patients. This way, healthcare providers can align their services to the patient’s needs and simplify the steps to accessing proper healthcare. 

That is why we have gathered three unique ways to make patients happy and this involves simplifying the appointment process.

  1. Patient Schedules: Telehealth has been the talk of the town ever since COVID-19 approached. Of course, this is mostly due to everything going remote, but patients are liking the flexibility with scheduling. Nurses, assistants, and doctors can communicate with patients, providing more hands-on care to patients, which is beneficial for both the patient and the doctor. 

Telehealth makes patient scheduling easy in a number of ways. One, many telehealth systems allow patient self-scheduling which eliminates the need for the patient to call their healthcare provider. Two, there is no lobby wait time and three, the patient does not have to spend a penny on transportation costs.

There are quite a few benefits for the healthcare providers as well with telehealth, and one of the greatest benefits is that there are a lot less no-show patients since you have simplified the process for them. 

  1. Simplify the form process: One of the main frustrations that patients have with the current healthcare system is that they have to fill out the same data regarding their personal and healthcare info multiple times. (ex. medical history forms, insurance forms, etc.) A patient may fill out the data online and again in the doctor’s office, which can be a pain. Why not just have all the forms accessible online in a secure healthcare portal? The patient only has to fill them out once, and the other end-users, whoever they may be, can easily access them through the portal. This is another way to reduce lobby wait time and patient frustration due to appointment processes being unnecessarily complicated. 
  1. Help patients help themselves: Speaking of online portals, there are ways that you can offer additional help to patients even when they are not at your office. You can offer additional informative materials and personalized info which you only need to add to their patient portal. Patients can then refer to these to look after their health. The more you allow patients to help themselves, the more they will appreciate you. This is also another way to build credibility as it will showcase that you truly care for the patient and want them to stay on track even when they are away from you. 

Many doctors and physicians believe that all they need to do is use patient acquisition marketing strategies through various mediums and then they are good to go. They are wrong. Do not underestimate the power of technology to satisfy your patients. An investment in telehealth, patient portals, and/or more can do wonders to make your patients stay, and you can then easily secure another appointment with them. 

Discuss your organization’s needs with Sunvera today, and we can implement the perfect healthcare solution in a timely manner.

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