Social Media’s Impact for Marketers

Computer connected to the internet and social media Today, people are constantly on social media. Customer engagement has been key in the success of making products, people, and apps popular. It is still important to engage people via traditional methods, such as marketing, sales, and service.

However, now there are new ways to engage an audience.

A long time ago, cold calling was a part of the customer engagement marketing strategy. Now with the aide of inventions such as caller ID, people ignore these calls. Customer engagement has completely changed its face. Now customers decide if and when to communicate, meaning that customer engagement occurs on its own.

What get’s your attention to engage? People are constantly on social media. It can be young children, to teens, to even adults. Different social media avenues such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Yik Yak, etc., help to create conversations about peoples lives, and what other people think are important issues.

Social media is just one avenue of customer engagement. Konsier, an app designed to understand consumer behavior, helps to provide customer engagement. How? The app notices what you look at for long periods of time, and the trend of different things you buy. This app creates customer engagement by knowing different things that you might like, and people like that it is personalized to a specific persons tastes.

We are ruled are by the mobile experience, and companies/people are taking advantage of these social media sites. Ten years ago, company and customer interaction only occurred via phone calls or email. With all this new social media and new apps, we are able to create interactions amongst other people about new products, ideas, and apps.