Beyond the Poor Examples Today- Marketing

Person opening an app on their phone The face of marketing has changed. Gone are the days of effective paper ads and telemarketers. Today people spend so much time on their phones and marketers take full advantage of this.

As a result we receive most of the relevant information through sites such as Facebook or through ads on different games like Angry Birds. This revolutionary way of marketing has reached our phones; it has reached a new avenue of marketing— Mobile Marketing.

If you are shocked right now, you shouldn’t be. Think about all the games and apps you use on your phone. One movement of your thumb and you might click on an advertisement. Mobile marketing has been invading lives for as long as people have been using apps on phones. Simply put, mobile marketing is around and you don’t even realize the effect it has on you.

The mobile marketing world has taken progressively been getting smarter. Your phone now uses the location services to target a more accurate audience. A simple example could be that your friend got a coupon for fifty percent off in a boutique, whereas you do not live within a 30-mile radius of such a store. This is using the surrounding area where you live to market an audience that will most likely visit this store. Mobile marketing has surpassed the simple ads that everyone can see, it now moves towards ads that are relevant towards you.

This new avenue of marketing has reached one more level, and SunVera Software’s Konsier app has been the one to implement this new level. Konsier is an app that uses a combination of location services and consumer behavior. Pretend that you walk into a store and walk past the jeans aisle. In that aisle there is a beacon (a Bluetooth transmitter linked to the app) that might trigger your phone for a promotion. This app knows that you bought jeans at another store just yesterday using this same process, so your phone will not receive the promotion. However, your phone will be triggered when you walk past a beacon that triggers a promotion for sweaters because recently you have been wanting a sweater. Using the behavior of individual consumers, the app uses where you are at the store to trigger specific promotions relevant towards you.

This is the new way of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has changed and is constantly changing and apps such as the Konsier app are helping to guide this change.