Sunvera Software Partners Up With Amazon Web Services (AWS) To Extend Cloud Services

Sunvera Software is happy to announce a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to further expand their cloud offerings to enterprise clients. Sunvera, the leading software development firm in Orange County, has over a decade’s worth of cloud development and migration experience, and the partnership with AWS will open up another door of endless possibilities that come with cloud offerings, including AI/ML solutions. 

One of the major problems companies are facing right now is the lack of efficiency when it comes to data management and accessibility. On-premise systems are too costly, time-consuming, and extremely inefficient in the age of the pandemic, where most companies have shifted remote. 

With cloud-based solutions, enterprises can carry out regular business processes over the web, and collaboration becomes a lot easier between employees. Migrating to the cloud results in major cost savings, data security, flexibility, and simplified operations. 

“We are privileged to collaborate with one of the leading cloud platforms to bring next-generation cloud solutions including AI services to our respected clients.” says Ram Iyer, CEO of Sunvera Software. “Our employees are excited to utilize Amazon’s product suite to build effective cloud solutions that help businesses make the digital shift and adapt to the next era of technology.”

Sunvera is looking forward to strategically building easy-to-access platforms including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS platforms with AWS. By offering public, private, and hybrid cloud computing services, Sunvera hopes to transform the way businesses function and contribute to their overall growth.


About Sunvera


Sunvera Software is a next-generation mobile apps, cloud solutions, and custom software development company with offices in Irvine, CA and Phoenix, AZ. With over 30+ years of innovative software development experience using advanced technologies, Sunvera serves small and mid-sized businesses including startups and entrepreneurs in various industries including healthcare, telehealth, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, retail, real estate and more, to deliver responsive software solutions for desktop and mobile. 

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