The Best Sales Dashboards and Sales Mobile Apps Have These Three Features

Sales dashboard

Do you own a business and are looking to help keep everyone motivated and on track? Sales dashboard apps are a great way to keep you and your team on track as they make the data more visual. In addition to this, they help organizations to make rational, data-driven, and profitable decisions.

The dashboard apps consider several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as sales growth, income sources, revenue concentration, profitability over time, working capital, etc. Key Performance Indicators vary with each business, but their goal remains the same- to show the progress made in several areas while highlighting shortcomings.

The number of smartphone users is expected to total 3.5 billion as the smartphone penetration rate is 45.4 percent, which means that having a dashboard that is compatible with both iOS and Android will help keep you on track. In addition to this, having live data that updates with an interval and is visually represented is undoubtedly going to make things a lot easier.

The 3 Key Aspects of The Best Sales Dashboards and Sales Mobile Apps

As per the paper labeled “Risk of Loss of Productivity in Workplaces” by Wafi Assiri, a business has several factors that may affect its productivity and being unable to access data promptly is one of them. Sales dashboards help you to keep the information readily available so that it can be accessed whenever needed. If we talk about the three keys to a good sales dashboard and/or mobile app, they are as follows:

  1. Offline Abilities – Not always are we going to have internet access, which should not hamper productivity at any cost. You should be able to work wherever you are, and internet unavailability should not halt your progress. Therefore a sales app or sales dashboard should work offline as well. 
  2. Monthly Forecasts – In every business, meeting the sales target is an essential agenda as it helps them remain on track and complete the quarterly goals. A monthly forecast enables you to make calculations and make short-term goals that add up to the yearly goals, thus breaking it down into doable chunks for the organization. Furthermore, what it does is that it helps you plan and realize the opportunities that may arise. Lastly, you can analyze your past and future goals and formulate a sales strategy.
  3. UI/UX Powerhouse – The technology used to build the dashboard is different from the kind of software used in the company, and that can make the dashboard a bit difficult to understand initially. UI and UX are essential for the success of any app. Dashboards and apps with a good interface and user experience are always preferred by the users, making it a necessary feature of a sales app/dashboard.

How Does a Sales and Marketing Dashboard App Help?

A recent study by Hubspot found that a lack of productivity costs employers $1.8 billion annually. The keys above that we talked about can be addressed with incomprehensible metrics that play a role in understanding several factors. It contains various KPIs that reflect areas that need improvements, and the benefits that it gives to an organization are as follows:

  1. Real-Time Data Access: An organization must realize which areas they need to optimize to maximize results and play a massive role in any business.
  2. Comprehend Data: Data is more clearly understood when presented in a visual form, and in a fast-paced environment, it can help the company out a lot.
  3. Identify Trends: Using the available data on hand, you can predict a lot about what trends will be famous among the customers and course-correct accordingly.
  4. Informed Decision Making: When faced with making a decision, the data that we have on hand helps us make a rational choice, and these apps can help you do precisely that.
  5. Align Strategies to Goal: When it comes to meeting our goals, we can formulate strategies to reach the goals.
  6. Save Time: Instead of going through piles of data, we can simply have that exact data presented in clean and instantly understandable data that can save us a lot of time.

In the end, we hope that the points we raised help you to maximize your productivity and streamline everything. Sales apps and dashboards are a great way to move forward for a business because it does a lot more than you expect of them. From insights to staying motivated for the deadline, dashboards and apps are going to do much more than you have read here.

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