Mobile App Development with AWS

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Out of 5.11 billion mobile phone users worldwide, 2.71 billion are smartphone users. That number has compelled app developers to continuously reform mobile app development and make it more accessible and easy to design and develop apps.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is an open-source development framework for developing mobile and web apps. AWS Amplify allows the developers to build, launch, and maintain apps in an economic environment. The tool offers full-stack development options without having to worry about front-end or back-end settings.

Smartphones can now do everything from editing videos to letting users access the company’s wares through its app and website. Keeping this in mind, every business, no matter how big or small, has now gotten into this sector and built an app for themselves to represent themselves online and have a prominent digital footprint.

As it stands now, the two major operating systems that people now use are Android and iOS, which run on most of the smartphones in the market. Having an app is not just about selling your product, but it is an entire experience that the users get from as soon as opening the app to buying a product, paying for it, and the user interface.

What are the advantages of using AWS amplify?

Amazon Web Services offer a plethora of functionality that aids in developing apps for both iOS and Android. It helps you do the following:

  • At a low cost, you can create a native app-like experience
  • You don’t have to pay for services that you do not use
  • You don’t have to worry about the coding, and things like hosting and infrastructure are taken care of
  • AWS device farm allows you to test the app in real-time across several mobile and operating systems

How does it make mobile app development better?

When you are developing a mobile app, several things can help speed up the process while also providing features that make your life easier. The following parts of AWS Amplify are what makes it a great way to develop mobile apps:

  • Authentication – With features such as AWS Identity and Access Management and AWS Incognito, AWS can keep the data of its users safe. The authentication mechanisms allow for stricter control on who accesses the data as it has multi-factor authentication.
  • Storage: DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service that makes data retrieval swift and creates tables that store the data. In addition to this, it also uses S3, which is simply support for web and media content.
  • Push Notifications: Via this service, you can send custom messages to the customers and keep them engaged thus maintaining a good customer relation.
  • API – API makes secure HTTP requests to REST and GraphQL endpoints. Furthermore, API-led connectivity makes app access easier, manipulates data, and safely combines it from several sources.
  • Appsync: This feature uses a GraphQL API to perform data management tasks and allows the users to have both online and offline access to data. Appsync does not require a server for backend mobile and web apps.
  • Bots: You can take a step up from your competition by incorporating AI into your chats so that your users have interactions with bots. Amazon Lex Services lets you do exactly that.
  • AR/VR – You can add 3D scenes to your mobile apps without having to overpay for the service. You can use Amazon Sumerian to add VR and 3D settings to your mobile apps.
  • Analytics: You can analyze the data, such as how much time a user spends in-app and what features are being interacted with the most. Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon Kinetic are your go-to tools for all the data you need to make a business decision and offer customized services to the users.
  • PubNub Messaging: You can use PubNub messaging to send messages from the app to the backend. It is readily available with AWS IoT and Generic MQTT over Websocket Providers.

AWS Amplify is a great tool that you can use to create your mobile and web apps without going through a lot of fuss. In addition to this, it has many features up its sleeve that make it a convenient resource for those who want to work on their app and have access to many tools without having to overpay for them. AWS android app development and AWS iOS development are a lot easier because you can test your mobile and web apps in real-time.

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