What is App Deep Linking? How Does it Work and Why is it Important?

What is the working of app deep linking and why is it important?

App deep link is a modern concept that is widely used in different applications. Usually, deep linking is a particular type of link that helps the users send them directly on the app instead of sending them to different websites or stores. This saves users a lot of time and energy. Deep linking can increase user experience by 90% and keep the users engaged. Let us understand the concept of deep linking with an example. Let us assume that you are searching for a banking application, and you have a noticeably short time. In this case, deep linking can play a vital role and will directly send you the specific location of banking in-app.

Deep linking is done specifically on custom URLs, such as a deep link to the Instagram app, and deep linking in Android allows the users to open the app if the app is already installed. Google deep linking and mobile deep linking are extremely helpful for live campaigns to promote products and apps.


Importance and Working of App Deep linking


As we have discussed, deep linking is an especially useful concept. Deep links produce a seamless user journey that reduces churn and increases the likelihood of an install. They let you make sophisticated campaigns while providing a better user experience, moving users onto your app in a single click. Deep linking is very efficient for easier incentivization, and it is extremely easy to convince people to try your app by sending them different offers and prizes via a marketing campaign. Let us say you want to promote your sports-related app. You can directly send the traffic from your campaign to your app with the help of app deep linking, which will give you a better user experience and high chances to increase the downloads of your app. The live campaign of deep linking can easily be tracked.


Here we mentioned some more factors that will prove the importance of app deep linking and website deep link.

  • It creates more unique options for app tight integration and offers a great and exceptional user experience.
  • Empowers marketing and data teams to get a 360-degree view of clicks to installs to referrals
  • Offers unique monetization opportunities
  • Ushers in a world of further hyper-targeted analytics


App Links vs Deep Links


App links are the HTTP links that take the users to the specific content whether it is placed on your app or website, and these links are more useful to drive more traffic to your app. But on the other hand, deep links send the users directly to your app.


Why Does Deep Linking Matter?


App deep linking improves the user experience because you save the users time and allow them to visit directly to the app location. As a result, this will give a better experience to your users.

App deep linking increases the engagement and retention rate. Everyday thousands of users leave apps. Are you thinking that you cannot recover these users? If so, then you are incorrect. Luckily, you can recover your lost users with the help of push notifications, email marketing, and pop-ups, sending them rewards, offers, and relevant materials. This is precisely what deep linking can be used for but in the sense of a mobile app.

Once a user has visited your app, you can retarget them and use a different style of deep linking to improve their experience and you can also take help from email deep linking.

Let us have a look at how deep linking is helpful to improve the onboarding of new users.

When a mobile app uses a form of deep linking like the deferred approach, you can acquire more users.

This is because as a user goes through the mobile browser version of your application, they will be given the option or automatically forwarded to the appropriate download location.

The contextual linking technique can be used to onboard new users in different ways depending on where they originally download the app from.

If you understand that users coming from a Facebook ad campaign regularly navigate to a certain product category, you can push them there automatically.

Furthermore, perhaps users from Google like to learn more about your business first before purchasing.


Deferred Deep Linking


Deferred deep linking happens when a user is deep linked to a specific app, but the app is not installed on his mobile. If the user will indulge in this situation, then he or she will be deferred directly to the app store where he can install the specific app easily.


How to Implement Deep Linking in Android?


You can create the deep links yourself according to your needs and there are also many app deep link generators available in the online market that can provide high-quality deep link URLs, which works for both android and IOS app links and saves you time and effort. You can easily find the app deep link generator tool on Google and choose any effective tool that is available.

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