5 Ways to Use Apple AirTags

AirTagsApple AirTags are little wireless sensors that you can stick on things around your home. With the free Apple AirTag mobile app, you can detect when they move and even tell them to put themselves away in a drawer or closet.  In this article, we will talk about five different ways  you can use Apple AirTags to track items and find items. Apple AirTags can also be used for indoor positioning and indoor navigation.

There are many more custom mobile applications that can be developed with Apple AirTags limited only by your imagination.




Use as a Pet Finder

If you have an impulsive pet, then Apple AirTags is the perfect accessory for them. You can attach AirTags with your dog’s and cat’s collar so that they are not going to run away from home anymore. If you want to make sure that your pet is at home while you are out, just use AirTags, and you will know its exact location.

If your pet runs away from home and is injured or lost then you can search with AirTags installed on the collar of that specific pet. All you need to do is press a button for 10 seconds, and it will start to ring and send out an alert message (with contact information) through iCloud.


Use as a Safety Tag

AirTags is also a perfect safety tag that you can attach to your important bag while traveling or any other activities. Again, you just need to press the button on AirTag for 10 seconds and it will send out an alert message (with contact information) through iCloud to let family, friends, and police know of the location of your bag.


Use as an Activator for In-App Actions

AirTags is going to be a game-changing accessory for the app developers. It will enable them to create customized actions with the existing apps. Now, what they have to do is just add an in-app action that activates AirTag when the user taps the specific button inside an app.

For example: When users tap “Locate Me” button in the app, AirTag will perform an action to send out an alert message. Then users’ friends and family know where they are.


Use as a Finder for iTunes Control

If you have ever accidentally deleted the music files from your iPhone/iPad or any other devices, and if you want to find them then AirTags is going to be useful. You can choose this option from the iCloud system preference panel and it will start scanning through all available Wi-Fi base stations in your iPhone/iPad to find out the deleted music files.


Use as a Sound Recorder

If you are searching for an easy way to record any voice or meeting without having to worry about any wires, AirTags will be the best choice for you. You can simply place your iPhone/iPad on the table and speak into it while AirTags is doing its job in recording audio. It will also send an alert message through iCloud if you forget to turn off your iPhone/iPad before walking away from it.


There are a lot of things users can do with Apple AirTags, but the point is that AirTags is going to be something meaningful for users.  It is not going to be just another accessory that users can wear on the collar and forget about it. AirTags will help people in various situations, and it will connect them with their family and friends across more distances.

By combining AirTags, Apple’s iCloud system and iOS-based devices, we can truly make the wireless world around us a better place.


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