A Technological World of Possibilities: iBeacon

ibeacons proximity software for in-store shopping Apple has continuously given the world new innovations that have changed lives in every aspect. Their latest innovation is helping create proximity solutions improving in-store shopping experience for consumers. From the iPod to the iPhone to iBeacon based proximity software — this evolution has created a response in the technological world, and has allowed for new innovation.

iBeacon, Apples’ newest innovation, has created a new world of possibilities, and has aided this technological world. It will change the in-store shopping experience.

To understand how it will change our lives, we need to understand how it works. iBeacon’s are bluetooth transmitters that can be placed around a store. If someone downloads an app that uses iBeacon technology, their phones will respond with a notification when the phone comes within range of an iBeacon.

There are so many different people that are using and testing this new technology. Virgin Atlantic is one of these companies that is testing these iBeacons in the Heathrow Airport in London. The idea is that there would be beacons set up at the security checkpoint, so that when you walk past security, phones will automatically be pulling up boarding passes for inspection.

Konsier, an app geared towards mobile marketing automation, has also been using this new type of advancement to aide the marketing world in in-store shopping. When entering a store, the iBeacon targets the Konsier proximity software and app on the phone and a notification appears on the phone with a promotion. The way this app uses the beacon will forever change the shopping experience.

It changes the in-store shopping experience because now the shopping is more customized and catered towards your likings. Think about Netflix, when you watch movies, it creates a profile of similar movies and tv shows that you might like. This is the same idea has been possible through Konsier because of the beacons proximity software capability. Based on what product you spend the most amount of time, and provide the most amount of interest on, the beacons track that and Konsier will send updates, and notification on that product.

So many new innovations are created yearly, but not a lot of these innovations last. iBeacon is one of those innovations that will be around for a long time. If you have not heard of this innovation now, give it some time and you won’t remember a world without the iBeacon.