5 App Interface Mistakes to Avoid In 2021

Mobile app interface

With the ever-changing landscape of apps, the needs and demands have changed as well. Keeping this in mind, the most important aspect to note when developing an app is ensuring that the users have an easy time navigating the app. However, if the user interface is too buggy or complicated, then chances are that the users will not return to use the app anymore, and all the time, resources, and energy spent will go to waste. This article highlights five app interface mistakes that developers need to avoid in 2021.

1. Being oblivious to the demands of the users 

One of the most common mistakes that developers make is that they do not know who their users are and who the target audience for the app is. No matter how good the app is, if it is not marketed to the right people, then random traffic will start to visit the app, and the developers will not be able to gain anything out of it as the app will not reach the people who are supposed to be using it in the first place.

Over time, the app will change and evolve, but it has to lay down the right framework to build upon. UCD or User-Centric Design is an approach that most developers take to understand the audience and keep in mind at every step of the development process. Market research will help the developers to understand the needs of the users and cater to them accordingly. 

2. Stuffing Features

Having an app that is focused on a specific use is what the developers must hope to achieve right from the get-go, and if they try to stuff it with loads of features, it will ruin the users’ experience. An app must know what it is trying to achieve and if it does not know that, it will try to do everything and end up doing nothing. An easy way of doing this lies in designing the app with the users’ intent in mind. Having an app that does everything is not necessarily a bad thing, but in that case, have a navigator tool in place so that the users are guided through everything that the app is capable of and how they can use it to achieve what they want to. In addition to this, make the app’s design easily understandable so that first-time users do not get caught up in the app’s intricate design.

3. Using technical terms that the users cannot comprehend.

It is understood that each profession has a specific language that is common among the communities of the practice. However, this language is not known by everyone, and if someone reads a language that they don’t understand the meaning of, they will be put off. It cannot be stressed enough that the app must be presented in a universal language for everyone and even if the need arises where you have to use such words, let the users know what it means. In addition to this, keep in mind that you are designing an app that will most-likely be used by people all over the world, all of whom come from different backgrounds and speak other tongues. The language may be known in the geographical region of the developers. However, if the app is designed for everyone everywhere, then this will not work. 

4. The app UI design is grouped.

When a user tries an app for the first time, the app should not throw excessive features and information in the user’s face where they don’t know what to do. Streamline everything and make everything linear so that the app users understand what they are doing and how to use it in the most efficient way possible. You do not want to have so many pop-ups about your sales that it causes hindrances for the users. Keep it simple, make it visually appealing, and you will have a successful app.

5. Unable to retain the newcomers of the app

The end-goal for every developer is to retain as many users as they can on the app. However, that may not always be the case for numerous reasons, but if the first impression of the app is designed smartly, keeping in mind the newcomers of the app, there is a good chance of retaining them. According to Localytics, 1 in 4 users never return to the app, and it is because they did not have an enjoyable initial experience. 

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