Apps That Need To Be Invented

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With millions of apps taking over the online marketplace, app ideas seem to be in shortage. Here’s a rucksack of ideas for apps that need to be invented. Give it a read and see how there is a gulf in the market that needs to be filled by launching these apps.

Design Your Room With AR

There have been times when we brought a piece of furniture home to find out that it does not go with the décor or that it cannot fit in our homes. To curb those issues, we can have an app that uses augmented reality to help us see whether the piece of furniture would look good or not. By doing so, we will be opening up a whole new pathway for the customers. You could also strike partnerships with furniture companies to let the customers access their wares from the app.

Camera PDF Converter

Converting pdfs is always a task that we have to go out of our way to do. However, there is a need for an app that converts the documents directly into pdfs and stores them for you. By doing so, you will be saving yourself the hassle of storing all the documents in a file and such. Another benefit that this app could be giving to the users is that it gives the users options to store their files as .jpeg files or as multipage pdf files.

Medical App Ideas

There are hundreds of interesting medical apps in the market, but there is also room for more apps that need to be invented. How about an app that looks after you by reminding you of the meds you need to take and what you should eat, keeping in mind your health restrictions? It can be a great app as it can provide the users with the healthy recipes they need; professional chef-bloggers could post recipes on the app and use those recipes. You can also filter out the recipes by letting the app know what health issues you face. For instance, if you suffer from high blood pressure, then the app lets you know of recipes specifically good for people with this issue.

Lastly, the app could be connected to the local grocery stores, and it provides the customers all the grocery stores that have the ingredients they need and if they are available to order.

Uber for Railway

We have apps for almost all modes of transportation. However, one mode that still lacks development are railways. Letting the users know what time the train will be at the station and what stations it goes to and the prices of the seats will greatly reduce the congestions and huge crowds that we often see at railway stations. This app has a chance to be popular because of the rush hour congestions that many countries face. These are two huge markets that the app could start from and then go from there.

Carpooling but Not in an Uber Way

We have many ride-hailing apps, but what we suggest is an app where people post about their trips, such as when and where they will be going, and the people can contact them and hop on to get a ride. There can be a payment method such as both the rider and the passenger can split the gas fare 50/50 or something else that works for them both. By doing so, both the passenger and the driver can get to their destinations without paying a lot for the fuel. In addition to this, this is a great alternative to Uber, where you would not have to pay as much as Uber.

Voice Translation App

One of the biggest barriers that we face when we go abroad is the language barrier. But what if there was an app that converted speech in real time like it listens to what we are saying and translates it into the language that we need. In addition to this, the app could also provide language lessons to the users who would enhance their language skills further.

An App That Helps You Figure Out What to Gift Your Friends

We have all been in the position of having to figure out what we need to gift our friends and family members. This app would be great for people who need help figuring out what to gift, and the app would scour their social media profiles, determine what their likes and dislikes are, and suggest you a list of gifts you could give them.

Reading these ideas may have brought up some other creative ideas in your head. Wondering if your app idea is worth millions? Take our quick App Idea Survey to decide if you should get your app developed or not.

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