How To Make an App Like TikTok

App like TikTokMusical and lip-sync apps are already gaining worldwide popularity. Retro cube app developers and specialists can help you create unique features and content that enables millions of users to use your app and view clips. Why not try to rank your app in the top tier on iOS and Android app stores? Here are some main features of TikTok-like apps:



Comfortably Construct Contents in a Short Time

Every time you open the app, you’ll be directed directly to a full-screen video that keeps swapping new 15-second clips from the feed that ends seamlessly with the trend. This is a unique concept.

The development of mobile apps like TikTok is super easy as there is a selection of editing tools and rich prompt ideas for mobile.


Target Audience

Unlike many other social media platforms that target all ages, TikTok targets millennials who always want to express themselves on social media.

They are people who rely more on smartphones and are constantly checking their phones.


Chance of Making Money

Tiktok offers a variety of opportunities for fans and followers to earn money. People who have more than 1000 followers can also enjoy the live streaming feature.

Viewers can purchase and send a virtual gift with gratitude. Users can claim cash when they received gifts equal to the amount of 100$.


Collaboration With Brands

Companies such as Coca-Cola, Gucci, Samsung, and Panasonic are committed to Tiktok as a powerful social media platform, especially Tiktok to promote their marketing campaigns.

In this way, we have acquired millions of potential customers. In addition, to attract more users’ attention, the app has partnered with Instagram’s prominent influencers. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Jimmy Fallon, and Kourtney Kardashian are frequent users of Tik Tok.

In addition, there are features such as fast image capture, music video broadcasting, great filters, and a music library that is picked up every day from the editor.



Sounds interesting, right? So let’s go even further and get some insights.



What You Need To Make an App Like TikTok



Login and Registration

Each app has the initial login and registration feature for using the app. It contains different criteria for registration.

This can be done via other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or just via email or phone number.


Simple User Interface and Navigation

Pick a mobile developer who thinks of providing a simple user linkage. When the user signs into the app, they can see all trending videos. As you scroll through the screen, you can watch videos one after another. Follow the people you like and set the screen so you can see the videos of the people you follow.


Overcome the Mental Burden

The mental burden is the amount of brain required to adopt an app. The mind has bounded processing capability. Apps that provide a lot of information at once are more burdensome to users and they tend to uninstall them. Therefore, try to minimize the cognitive burden.


A Clean and Clear Look

Clutter is the most prominent opponent for superior design. If the interface is messy, the user cannot get information such as buttons, images, icons, etc. at once, and the screen looks too dense. Therefore, you can improve your understanding by removing these types of things.


Reduce Task Load

Make an app that reduces the managing efforts of users. Users can access the last viewed video easily and TikTok also uses this smartly. Instead of having the user re-enter it, you can set it as the default with the help of the previously entered data.


Split Tasks Into Bite-Sized Pieces

Chunking helps to connect two different activities. If the flow is logically connected, it makes it easier for users to move forward.


Familiar Screen

Users get more comfortable when they see a view that they are used to seeing on most apps. Introduction screens such as the homepage / feed are the de facto standard for social mobile apps. Avoid any unusual information screens that create problems for the user. If you decide to use ads inside the app, do not overdo it to a point where users start getting confused.


Avoid Unusual Languages

Clear communication is a top priority. Android and iOS mobile app developers are mindful of this feature, which has led to a big hit with TikTok.

Ask your developers to use words and phrases that they think are appropriate.


Design Flexibility

Flexibility is the basic principle of design. Flexibility can also remove troubles. App developers need to make sure that the app has:

  • Visual Consistency: Make sure all badges and tags flow together well, and do not look like they are all from separate apps.
  • Operative Flexibility: All interactive elements should work across the app.
  • AI-Based Support: TikTok uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyze users’ interests and preferences based on their interactions.

You can also see that the TikTok app page “For You” provides the most relevant content to users. TikTok begins following users when they initially install the app and makes complex standards of what users like to see.


Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag challenges serve as a way to bring together communities for your app. Challenges allow users to compete against each other on a particular topic.


Duet and Reaction

In the duet, you can split the screen with someone else’s video, such as a friend’s or celebrity’s video. The original video plays on one end of the screen, and your video plays on the other end of the screen, both at the same time. If you like someone’s video, you can also create your own and add a touch to it. The reaction is very similar to a duet, but it helps you record a video while watching a clip. You can change the shape and size of the reaction window and move it on the screen.


Built-In Music Library

What is a lip-sync app without a grand music library? There is a long list of filters to choose from, including AR effects, editing tools, animations, stickers, and more. Before recording, the user chooses a song to perform for lip-sync, dance, or music. If you want to shoot something immediately, you can also add background music later.



It’s meaningless if you think of something great but cannot share it. TikTok understands this well and has a sharing option. This feature helps you to share videos on other social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. and through email.






The mobile app developer must understand the potential users before choosing a business model. Here we will introduce the monetization strategy.


  1. Financing: In the early stages, it is important to attract investors for funding. Even for TikTok, funding is one of the premium models.


  1. In-app billing: With TikTok, users can use coins to support live broadcasts or buy real money. Coins are exchanged for gifts, and users can easily give them to others during their live stream.

According to Sensor Tower data, 100 coin bundles are the most popular among users, followed by 500 coin bundles sold for $4.99. You can use the same monetization strategy for your app.


  1. Advertisement: App monetization offers a good choice including various types of in-app advertising.


  1. Cost per Click: Advertisers pay for each additional feature that comes in between the app users.
  2. Cost per action: Advertisers pay for clicks that lead to specific actions, such as installing apps, submitting forms, or registering websites.


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