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Sunvera Software turns your mobile app ideas into vibrant reality. A boutique custom mobile app development company located in California, our expertise in software design and development produces stunning apps for companies big and small.

Our mobile development strategy and model saves you time and money. With our rich experience, we make sure you get what you are looking for. We have proven expertise in mobile software development, cloud infrastructures, custom web design, e-commerce, and are able to provide Big Data solutions for the healthcare, financial, consumer and retail industries. Our strengths are in rapid development, providing stunning designs that capture users at a cost that saves our clients money.



Approx. 63% of the millennial population prefer to make a purchase via mobile apps in comparison to any other platform. (Mobile App Daily)


US citizens spend at least 129.4 billion minutes per month on mobile apps. (Mobile App Daily)


21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times each day. (

In today’s world where nearly everybody owns a smartphone or a tablet, mobile application development is a gold mine, and mobile apps have now become a backbone of many businesses. Mobile apps are now being widely used by many businesses to maximize profits and any business wishing to remain relevant to the current market trends must find a way of developing apps that fully meets the need of its customers. However, smartphone app development is no joke and finding a developer who will ensure the success of your apps is not that easy. This is where Sunvera Software, one of the leading mobile app developers, comes in.

At Sunvera Software, we provide a full package of end-to-end mobile application development services using a consultative approach, enabling us to offer you the best mobile apps. Our extensive expertise and experience in various mobile application development platforms puts us in a unique position to provide our clients with the best custom solutions in mobile development. Our wide range of mobile apps services includes:

  • Merging client’s initial conception with our expertise
  • Conducting in-depth research to provide the best service

  • Presenting unique application design patterns for perfect user experience
  • Designing custom logos, icons and specific screen displays

  • Implementing high-quality development technology to meet client’s needs
  • Using a multifaceted approach in mobile app development

  • Conducting rigorous tests to ensure the apps do not have any bugs
  • Devising more ways to enhance the functionality and user experience

  • Providing high-tech specialized app deployment services
  • Offering customized mobile application maintenance services and making sure they run well on platforms

Our Mobile Areas Include:


  • Mobile Payment Application Development
  • Mobile Healthcare Application Development
  • Mobile HIPAA Application Development
  • Mobile Micro-transaction Application Development
  • Mobile Chat Application Development
  • Mobile Audio Application Development

iOS, Android, and Business Apps


iOS: We not only build responsive Iphone apps, but also make sure that the app is not dead on arrival among the 2.2 million apps that are available in the Apple App Store.

Android: Let us build the perfect custom Android app for you with our 30+ years of Android app development

Business Apps: Scale your business with an effective mobile app to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.



Healthcare iOS apps are on the rise, especially during the time of a pandemic. Now is the time to build your next-generation telehealth Iphone app to make healthcare accessibility easier.


The mobile gaming industry makes almost 50% of the global games market (Newzoo Research). It’s no surprise then that mobile games will continue to dominate the gaming world.


Farmers are looking for ways to manage their crops and land through their Iphone, and we help them do just that with our leading iOS application building service for the agriculture sector.


Increase your sales with the perfect e-commerce iOS application. Integrate live chat service to better serve your customers.


From more efficient employee shift scheduling to simplifying the supply chain process, we got you covered.

Real Estate

Need help managing your properties? An affordable mobile application for iOS can help you access property info anytime, anywhere.


Mobile Apps

Cloud Migration

Custom Software

Web Development


Location-Based Apps



Research & Strategy

Understanding your mobile app needs and conducting extensive market research to conceptualize the most efficient solution(s) for your business

Design & Development

Our experienced custom mobile application development team will create a smooth interface to bring your intelligent mobile app to life and prepare it for testing and deployment


One of the most crucial steps, our experts test the newly-developed app for any bugs and make sure it runs smoothly on all platforms

Deploy & Maintenance

Providing reliable deployment services and further maintenance as needed


Easy-to-Use Solutions

We believe in simplicity and easy functionality. Who has time to train all the employees on some over-complicated software when there are a million other things to do? We give this thought utmost importance, and that is why our software solutions are easy to grasp while overcoming all of your hurdles.

Top Notch Security

Sunvera values security just as much as you do, and our team of experts are dedicated to bringing you the highest level of security to ensure that your business is safe from any outside threats.

Responsive Support Team

We can assure you that our support team will answer your ticket within 24 hours. We also regularly keep in touch with clients through Zoom to keep them updated on the progress of their project.

Tailored Towards Your Business

All of our services and solutions are fully customized to your business to meet all of your operational needs and wants. If there is one thing we know how to do best, it is customization.

Sunvera Software is a reputable mobile apps company dedicated to helping small businesses excel in the mobile apps market. As one of the leading mobile app companies in Orange County, we have the right solution for you to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. All you need to do now is contact us and we can discuss your project.

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