These 3 Industries are Taking Advantage of Super Apps

According to Forbes, a super app is “a mobile application that offers various services through a single app”.

This is a different strategy from the traditional app development process in which a business would develop an app for each service it has to offer. With this type of approach, a firm will need to invest more time and money developing several apps for their services while having the risk of losing the customer’s interest if they download few or none at all.

Super app solutions allow businesses to consolidate their services into one platform that is accessible on the user’s mobile device, allowing them to save storage space, time, and money.

Industries Who Are Using Super Apps

The concept of super apps has become very attractive for consumers mainly because of the convenience factor. One super app usually covers a wide range of services without the hassle of downloading different apps for each service.

Companies are noticing the need for super apps and are starting to incorporate them into their businesses as well. Here are three industries that are taking advantage of the super app phenomenon:

1. The Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunications and Internet service provider industry started using the super app strategy with their apps, such as T-Mobile Tuesdays and Verizon’s Hum, both of which provide additional services to customers. Now, even more, telecom companies such as ATT are following suit with the launch of their super app called “ATT Connect”.

2. The Finance Industry

The financial institution industry is a great example of how transactional super apps can benefit businesses. TD Bank launched their mobile app called “T.D. Wallet,” which covers a wide range of financial services, including account monitoring, mobile deposits, and check cashing capabilities. Another bank that has taken advantage of super apps is Capital One, with their “Quicksilver” app that also covers a wide range of financial services, including offering cash rewards to cardmembers.

3. The Online Retail Industry

The need for convenience and speed is very important to consumers, and that is why companies like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are turning into super apps as well. Launched in 2011, Amazon’s app can be used not only as a shopping tool but also as a way to manage your account, view items you have purchased online, and track your book lists.

eBay created their super app called “eBay Now” which allows users to order items online from local stores and have them delivered right to their doorstep through the app, while Walmart uses its super app called “Walmart Pay” which allows users to pay for their items without using cash.

Super apps have become a trend not only in the mobile app industry but also in various businesses because it is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to reach out to customers. This new development is revolutionizing the way consumers shop, travel, and bank, and there are many industries taking advantage of super apps.

This strategy can also benefit companies because it allows them to save resources and time by consolidating their resources into one platform. The future of super apps looks very promising because there are still many industries that have yet to take advantage of these technological advancements. With this new type of app, companies can stand out from their competition by providing an app that will benefit the customer and engage them in a lasting relationship.


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