HCP Engagement During a Pandemic: 3 Ways

HCP engagement during these unpredictable times can be a challenge. Establishing a workplace culture in which various engagement strategies are applied, taking into account safety and security practices, should be identified as an organizational priority that is essential in building strong relationships within the team. 

However, many challenges are being presented in the healthcare industry right now, especially ever since COVID-19 surfaced. Privacy and cybersecurity concerns are on the rise, patients and doctors are trying to adjust to remote healthcare services, and hospitals and clinics are struggling to keep all of their employees connected to stay on track. Luckily, there are many solutions that can be applied to your organization to solve this issue. Here are three ways that HCPs can stay engaged during this time.

Unified access portal and communications

A unified access portal can connect healthcare providers in various ways. From secure sign-on to remote workforce automation, there are multiple benefits in implementing a unified access portal solution. 

A typical example is the use of a Smart Card (PAHSSA Smart Card) as a privileged token to provide the various health IT applications and functions through a single user interface (UI) for verification. This can enable a provider to authenticate their credentials against a cloud-based Unified Access Service Provider Network, gain access to various information, and connect securely with their computer, mobile phone or tablet, which can significantly improve your organization’s communication processes. 


Store-and-forward is a telehealth method that’s used to monitor patients, keep track of medication needs, perform blood tests, monitor weight, and so on. This mechanism involves the sharing of information among healthcare providers. For example, a healthcare provider can see the progress of a patient while another can provide telehealth support.

While this process has been used for years, telehealth providers have until now used expensive and limited channels to make remote monitoring, communication, and home-based health tracking possible.

Online training

Your healthcare organization can also provide new employees access to an online self-training program, customized for your organization. Employees can get to know the program, learn the skills that will be directly applied to their role, through engaging self-paced content. By providing self-training courses to new hires, you’re giving them a head start and providing them with the skills they’ll need to succeed.

These are just a few ways for doctors and other healthcare professionals to stay connected during this tough pandemic period. Now all you need to do is contact us, and we can walk you through the entire software implementation process, including ways to secure your organization from outside threats. Transform your healthcare organization in just weeks by implementing the right HCP engagement solutions, and be prepared for the rapid digital transformation in the healthcare industry!

Sunvera Software Forms a Partnership With Microsoft Azure For Advanced Cloud Offerings

Sunvera Software, an enterprise software solutions provider specializing in mobile apps, cloud migration and solutions, and custom software development, has formed a long-term partnership with Microsoft Azure to deliver next-generation cloud solutions including AI/ML solutions for small and mid-sized companies.

With shrinking budgets and limited infrastructure, businesses are struggling to manage employees’ work, and the majority of the workforce going remote due to the pandemic is not helping either. Company data is becoming harder to access and employee collaboration is a challenge many enterprises are facing. 

Secure cloud-based solutions are defeating the obstacles that come with adjusting to unpredictable situations and are improving the overall operational efficiency of businesses. These cost-effective cloud and AI offerings are transforming the way businesses work, collaborate, and maintain their regular business processes. By examining the current stats and adoption rate of working in the cloud, it is evident that more companies will migrate to the cloud, whether they shift a fraction of their data management processes to the internet or as many as possible. 

“Our partnership with Microsoft will allow greater possibilities for improving our clients’ current business management structure.” says Dr. S, Chief Listening Officer at Sunvera Software, who is a former Microsoft employee for over a decade. “Companies are starting to realize the hassle that comes with using on-site systems to manage company information, and this pandemic has brought more light upon these issues as employees are struggling to work away from the office. Cloud solutions are proving to be effective by making data accessibility a lot easier to facilitate a better remote working environment.”

Sunvera is looking forward to expanding its expertise in the cloud computing market by partnering with Microsoft Azure.

About Sunvera

Sunvera Software is an advanced mobile apps, cloud solutions, and custom software development company with offices in Irvine, CA and Phoenix, AZ. With over 30+ years of innovative software development experience using advanced technologies, Sunvera serves small and mid-sized businesses including startups and entrepreneurs in various industries including healthcare, telehealth, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, retail, real estate and more, to deliver responsive software solutions for desktop and mobile. Learn more at

Sunvera Software Partners Up With Amazon Web Services (AWS) To Extend Cloud Services

Sunvera Software is happy to announce a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to further expand their cloud offerings to enterprise clients. Sunvera, the leading software development firm in Orange County, has over a decade’s worth of cloud development and migration experience, and the partnership with AWS will open up another door of endless possibilities that come with cloud offerings, including AI/ML solutions. 

One of the major problems companies are facing right now is the lack of efficiency when it comes to data management and accessibility. On-premise systems are too costly, time-consuming, and extremely inefficient in the age of the pandemic, where most companies have shifted remote. 

With cloud-based solutions, enterprises can carry out regular business processes over the web, and collaboration becomes a lot easier between employees. Migrating to the cloud results in major cost savings, data security, flexibility, and simplified operations. 

“We are privileged to collaborate with one of the leading cloud platforms to bring next-generation cloud solutions including AI services to our respected clients.” says Ram Iyer, CEO of Sunvera Software. “Our employees are excited to utilize Amazon’s product suite to build effective cloud solutions that help businesses make the digital shift and adapt to the next era of technology.”

Sunvera is looking forward to strategically building easy-to-access platforms including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS platforms with AWS. By offering public, private, and hybrid cloud computing services, Sunvera hopes to transform the way businesses function and contribute to their overall growth.

About Sunvera

Sunvera Software is a next-generation mobile apps, cloud solutions, and custom software development company with offices in Irvine, CA and Phoenix, AZ. With over 30+ years of innovative software development experience using advanced technologies, Sunvera serves small and mid-sized businesses including startups and entrepreneurs in various industries including healthcare, telehealth, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, retail, real estate and more, to deliver responsive software solutions for desktop and mobile. For more information, please visit

Sunvera Software Becomes a Google Cloud Partner

Sunvera Software, the leading software solutions provider based in Orange County, has recently partnered up with Google Cloud to build innovative, high-quality cloud and AI-based solutions including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS platforms to better satisfy client needs. 

The cloud storage market is growing at an exponential rate, with 90% of companies already on the cloud (451 Research). According to Report Linker, the global cloud computing market is expected to grow from $371.4 billion to $623.3 billion by 2023. Companies are in desperate need of an easily accessible data storage solution especially during unreliable times where the workforce is shifting remote. 

“In a world with limited budgets and infrastructure, cloud services are rapidly taking over businesses to improve operational efficiency and better connect employees, even when they are not collaborating face-to-face.” says Ram Iyer, CEO of Sunvera Software. “We are excited about our Partnership with Google Cloud to provide maximum benefit to small and mid-sized businesses who have not yet shifted to the cloud.”

Sunvera is gearing up for the upcoming journey of utilizing the Google Cloud Platform to serve client needs and digitally transform enterprises. This will allow Sunvera’s employees to gain more expertise on Google Cloud suite of products and fully understand the ins and outs to build extremely effective public, private, and hybrid cloud and AI solutions that exceed client expectations.

About Sunvera

Sunvera Software is a next-generation mobile apps, cloud solutions, and custom software development company with offices in Irvine, CA and Phoenix, AZ. With over 30+ years of innovative software development experience using advanced technologies, Sunvera serves small and mid-sized businesses including startups and entrepreneurs in various industries including healthcare, telehealth, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, retail, real estate and more, to deliver responsive software solutions for desktop and mobile. 

HEYKUBE – Sunvera Software Partner to Produce the FIRST EVER Programmable 3×3 Cube With Integrated Mobile Design

HEYKUBE, the first-ever 3×3 cube that uses Bluetooth technology to guide users to a solution, has partnered with Sunvera Software to combine this innovative gadget with mobile device interfacing for enhanced gaming abilities.

Sunvera built a cool looking gaming IOS and Android mobile application that connects to the HEYKUBE. The app connects to HEYKUBE in real-time communication between the mobile device and the HEYKUBE device, which allows users to track each movement of the cube with precision. The mobile app, provided by Sunvera, turns the HEYKUBE device into an MMOG (massive multiplayer online game) paving the way for competitions on a national level.

“It was a pleasure collaborating with HEYKUBE to develop a mobile platform which can further exhibit the many possibilities of this smart cube. We hope that this intelligent design can bring people together from all over the nation and stir creativity within individuals,” says Ram Iyer, CEO of Sunvera Software.


HEYKUBE is the first programmable 3×3 cube that guides you through every motion needed to solve the cube. David Garrett and Mehdi Hatamian, the makers of HEYKUBE, wanted to find a creative way of implementing Bluetooth capabilities to prompt users to a solution while allowing them to learn the motions which would increase their confidence in solving it naturally. HEYKUBE can also be used as a STEM teaching platform and users can set up and participate in competitions.

About Sunvera Software

Sunvera Software is a custom software development agency that specializes in using advanced technologies for building mobile apps, cloud migration, custom software solutions, and more. Founded in 2013, Sunvera primarily helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups in various industry verticals including healthcare, telehealth, education, storage and distribution, retail, and agriculture. More information on the company can be found at

Sunvera Software Listed As a Top Mobile App Development Company on

Sunvera Software, a local low cost mobile applications , cloud services and custom software development company, has been listed as a top mobile app development company in 2020 on

“We are glad to have our company featured on TechReviewer, and we know that our clients will find our brand delivering the same promises as our listing on the site”, says Dr. Subra Sudhakar, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Sunvera Software. “Our employees have over 30 years of experience, and we are always coming up with intelligent ways to implement a convenient design to help businesses excel”.

Sunvera has had the privilege of working with some of the most intelligent brands to help them implement a custom design to improve their clients’ satisfaction rate. Some of these companies are:

  • SchoolCues: a low cost all-in-one school management system for small schools
  • PackListPro: a harvest management platform that simplifies farmers’ supply chain
  • HCP Studies: part of the Altura Study Engagement Platform, a mobile app that makes it easy to participate in healthcare research
  • PromoMyApp: an online platform that reduces the visibility gap between apps on iTunes and Google Play
  • Medhero: an app that helps users get access to urgent medical care from a certified emergency physician in their area
  • GLYTR: an app used to create engaging mobile videos


TechReviewer is an analytics hub that carries out studies and publishes lists with the best software development companies in various business domains based on market research and analysis. More information on the company can be found at

About Sunvera Software

Sunvera Software is a custom software development agency that specializes in using advanced technologies for building mobile apps, cloud migration, custom software solutions, and more. Founded in 2013, Sunvera primarily helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups in various industry verticals including healthcare, telehealth, education, storage and distribution, retail, and agriculture. More information on the company can be found at

Importance of UI and UX in App Design

It takes a second to delete an app that does not work smoothly. With a plethora of options in the online marketplace, your app would be replaced right away if it is not optimized for performance and an effortless user experience.

With millions of apps in the app store, the successful ones have one thing in common; a great look and feel. All of your efforts at the backend might go into the drain if you don’t invest time, effort, and capital in the UI and UX of an app. 

What are UI and UX?

UI or the User Interface is the graphical layout of an app. The buttons, text, sliders, images, and any other elements that the user will interact with is UI. Cutting it short, UI is the mode of transfer of all the work that has been done at the backend. 

UX or the User Experience pertains to how the app operates, and whether or not it meets the requirements of the user. UX should be steered to make things easy and comfortable for the users. 

If the UI and UX aren’t given due attention, your idea, no matter how revolutionary it is, might not survive in the market. 

205.4 billion apps were downloaded in 2020 and the number is expected to be 258.2 billion by the year 2022. People are shifting to mobile apps because of their efficient functionality and potential to get things done swiftly and if your app does not do that, it will not be able to save its place in the market.

Importance of UI/UX in Mobile Apps

An app with a great idea would thrive on paper. However, flawless functionality and a sophisticated design are a must-have to succeed in the digital market.

Below are a few points that discuss the significance of the UI/UX design of the app. 

Captivated Users

After your app is downloaded, the first few seconds are quite crucial. If your app has a compelling design and a good interface, the users will decide to keep using your app. However, if you don’t create engagement through the design and content in the first few seconds, users will navigate to other apps in the store. 

Time and Cost Savings

An app with a good UI UX design would save users time as they would not have to fidget around the app to solve their problems. This will land you some good ratings and you won’t have to work on updates thus saving money and time. 

Brand Recognition

Ratings are important for an app. A user will take some seconds out of their time to give you a good rating if you deserve it. This will help you build brand recognition and people would prefer your app over others due to the higher rating. Once you are on top of the list, your app will automatically get better rankings and more downloads.

People always remember good experiences. If you have invested in UI/UX app design, your brand will stand out and would speak for itself. It’s a very simple phenomenon. People are getting what they want with a good design and no performance issues if you’ve invested in a good UI/UX design. That would pave the road for your brand recognition and you can get the customer engagement you have been waiting for. 

Tips to improve UI/UX in App Design 

Let’s discuss a few important tips about UI and UX that you should keep in mind while designing an app. 

  • Uniform Design

A consistent design should be followed throughout the app. Do not be limited to the start screen. Every part of your app including, buttons, sidebars, any sliders, and menus should have a consistent design. 

  • Interactive Design

A user-friendly design allows the user to interact with the app and build a connection. Let the design interact with the app freely. People like the freedom of being able to customize the app, for instance, the layout and color scheme. 

  • Simple Design

Cluttering up your app will only confuse the users. Make it simple and easy to use. Your design will do no good to the user if it confuses them. Integrate a straightforward design that steers the user easily to get his/her task done. 

UI/UX design of an app is a crucial aspect of designing a successful app. Understand the needs and market preferences of your target audience to make necessary amends in your app. This practice goes a long way in securing a good place in the online marketplace. Lastly, you will want to partner up with a reputable mobile app development company to take care of the UI/UX aspect of your app. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Healthcare App Features, Trends, and Costs

How often do you go out for dinner? Ordering food online is still eating from a restaurant but you are eating it from the comfort of your home. Every business sector out there is working tirelessly to provide an easier alternative to their users. Comfort is what everybody is looking for these days. 

If you’re reading this, you might be thinking of launching your healthcare app. This article will take you through the features, trends, and cost of a healthcare app. 

Healthcare App Trends

448 million people are using smartphones for browsing all around the world. There are 318,000 mhealthcare apps in app stores. The number of healthcare apps has doubled since 2015 and it is solely because more and more people are investing in healthcare apps as it has great potential. Over 60% of people have downloaded a health app on their phone. Fitness and wellness constitute 85% of mhealth apps and 15% of those apps are related to medical issues. 

Types of healthcare apps

  • App for patients
  • The General Doctor app
  • Healthcare Details App

Every type of healthcare app has some different features. Let’s dive into the features that a healthcare app offers. 

The Patient App

  • Sign up and Sign-in features allow you to access basic information about the user such as age and gender. 
  • The appointment feature helps the user to make an appointment with the doctor they’ve finalized.
  • The search feature helps users find a doctor according to their issue. For instance, a patient with stomach issues would search gastroenterologist. 
  • A pill reminder feature is beneficial for those who forget to take their medicine on time. Elderly people can especially make use of this feature.
  • In the Telemedicine feature, a medical professional would prescribe medicine and monitor the prescriptions.
  • Electronic health recorder keeps a record of the health of the patient. Doctors and patients both use this feature to keep track of records.
  • The feedback feature helps to rate the doctors based on the user’s experience.

The Doctor App

  • The profile creation feature requires the doctor to add all their qualification and experiences. This is specifically helpful for the users as they would be able to access the profile information of a doctor. Experience and certificates would make it easier for the patient to trust the doctor. 
  • The appointment feature in the doctor’s app helps to make the appointment process smooth and easy for both patient and doctor. This is where the doctor and patient can discuss and finalize a timing contingent on availability.
  • The patient dashboard is important for the doctor as it would convey the medical history of the patient, previous medications, and other details that the doctor should know about. 
  • The prescription would be a different feature as it needs to be legitimate. Doctors can use this feature to prescribe medicine in a certified way. 

The General Healthcare App

  • Doctor Management system which allows hospital staff to use the app and stay on record. 
  • The inventory management feature makes sure that there are enough supplies in the hospital. It is solely to be used by the hospital staff.
  • A patient management system would be used to keep a record of patients and their medical history. 

The Cost of a Healthcare App

The cost of a healthcare app is influenced by several factors. The platforms on which the app will be available is the first factor. If you’re going to make a native app, you might have to spend several thousand bucks on that. Apps on iOS and Android are relatively cheaper and can be developed at a lower rate as opposed to native apps.

Another interesting factor that influences the cost of an app is the developer you choose. Indian freelancers are well known for quality service at a low price. You can find Indian freelancers for as low as $10/hour. 

The features of the app are also a deciding factor in the cost of an app. For instance, if you want to add a payment feature in the app you might have to pay more to the developer. The language and complexity of the app also are a deciding factor in the cost of an app. 

The estimated budget for a healthcare app is around $5000-$15000. The variability depends upon the factors mentioned above. 

Healthcare apps are a major need during this time. Especially with the COVID-19 crisis, people are more inclined towards online consultations and healthcare services. If you are thinking about an investment in healthcare apps, talk to us today and we can help you with your app idea. 


5 Ways You Can Use AI to Scale Your Business

We couldn’t make it to flying cars in 2020. However, a far more revolutionary concept has set its foot in the Modern World. Artificial Intelligence, despite being a novice concept, has initiated to change the paradigms of life. Small and mid-sized companies as well as startups and entrepreneurs are adopting AI to scale their business.

Large scale corporate giants and startups both are investing in AI to gain a competitive edge in the market. If you’re wondering how to integrate AI into your business model to make it efficient, just keep reading and we’ll steer you to five ways you can use AI to scale your business. 

1. Improving Customer Experience Using AI

According to an American Express survey, 90% of Americans consider customer service as a deciding factor in choosing a product/service.

 If your company fails to provide an outstanding customer experience, it’s only a matter of time before you are ruled out of the market.  

Artificial Intelligence tools can help you build a flawless customer service model. An Accenture report concluded that by the end of 2020, AI-powered bots will be handling 80% of customer support. AI chatbots are being used by businesses on every scale. A chatbot not only provides a swift response but it can also deal with common issues faced by customers. 

2. Automated Marketing Via AI-Powered Tools

Marketing has not only been made easier but it is at the pinnacle of its success. Marketing ads are achieving higher conversion rates. It is due to consumer behavior analysis that marketing has become highly sophisticated and targeted. 

AI has shown improved performance in the following domains of Marketing:

  • Email Marketing
  • Content Generation
  • Digital Ad Campaigns

AI understands and makes predictions based on customer behavior. Understanding customer behavior can be used to send personalized emails. According to a Statistica report, personalized emails have an open rate of 18.1 percent in comparison to 13.1 percent of non-personalized emails. 

Digital ad campaigns are much easier with AI being able to handle the campaign on its own. All you need to do is create an ad and AI handles optimization, Analysis, cross-channel execution, and audience segment creation. Isn’t it great how AI has cut down the efforts that were needed to build an effective marketing campaign online?

Content creation and comparison is a great thing that can be done with AI-powered tools. You will get important insights about your content after it is compared with successful content online. This can help you significantly improve marketing efforts and scale your business with AI.

3. Hiring Process and AI

Recruiters spend a lot of time sifting through applications to find the right candidate for the job. 50% of the recruiters agree that hiring the right candidate is one of the hardest parts of their job. 

AI tools are used to hire the right candidate for the job. Proven performance data is used to create tests that need to be completed by applicants. Soft skills can also be tested in this way. Wouldn’t it be great if you don’t have to interview every candidate to find out whether they know how to use software or not? 

ProductiveHire is a great example of an AI-powered tool that is being used by recruiters in leading businesses. 

4. Data Security

Online businesses are under constant threat from scammers and hackers. Data breach and ransomware issues damage businesses to a great extent. A survey conducted by Norton concluded that it costs $3.86 million to recover the data after a data breach. The conventional ways to secure online businesses are being replaced by AI-powered tools. 

AI provides a reliable alternative to data protection. AI spots suspicious user behavior and blocks them timely. Google launched an update in 2016 which ended up blacklisting 20,000 malware-infected websites every week. 50,000 phishing websites were also blocked per week. 

Developers are integrating similar AI tools in their security system to tackle security risks. 

5. Data Science and AI for Intelligent Decision Making

Studying data and intelligent decision-making decisions based on that data has proven to be beneficial. AI uses Machine Learning and predictive analysis to create the probability of results for every decision that we can make. In this way, companies can make the best decision based on ever-changing customer needs. Consumer behavior analysis is one of the most important services offered by AI. You know what your customers are looking for and can provide that particular service without them asking for it. 

There might be several downsides of AI and people are a little hesitant to adopt it as an alternative to the conventional methods. However, the results so far have been so good that businesses are not only going to integrate AI tools in their business but also switch to them permanently. All you need to do now is find the perfect AI consulting firm to get started.


Why Healthcare Professionals are Unhappy With Off-the-Shelf EMR and EHR Software

Electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHRs) are at a greater demand than ever, with adoption rates at nearly 90%, according to Health IT Dashboard. With a good number of EMR and EHR software in the market, there is so much to choose from. However, these software have not met all the requirements of HCPs. A 2018 Deloitte survey concluded that around 90% of US physicians would like to change at least one aspect of their current EHR software. 

Most Common Issues with Current EMR/EHR Software

  1. Too expensive: Cost remains the biggest barrier to adopting EMR and EHR systems, with many HCPs spending around $15,000-$70,000 for expensive EMR and EHR software that still do not fulfill their needs. This includes set-up, training, and maintenance costs. 
  1. The issue of interoperability: The topic of patient information sharing always makes doctors and clinicians feel uncomfortable, because these records need to be shared across organizations safely. Although there are a number of privacy measures being put in motion, there is still a long journey ahead on the interoperability route.
  1. Trouble navigating through data: The lack of user-friendliness in EMR/EHR software makes searchability a major issue. HCPs have to click numerous times before giving their patient medication. Additionally, hospitals and clinics still have to manually enter data into multiple systems, which takes away valuable time and makes the data more prone to errors. 

Despite Its Flaws, EMR/EHR Software is Here to Stay

That’s right, the number of healthcare organizations using EHR & EMR software is growing every year with a greater demand for digital health and medical records. The global demand for electronic medical record market was valued at about USD 27.1 billion in 2019, and is expected to generate revenue of around USD 40.8 billion by the end of 2026. The use of digital health record software has already become an essential part of many healthcare organizations, and they will only have a greater presence in the health industry in the coming years. Despite the upward trend, the future of such software is extremely foggy as there seems to be barely any plans for improving these software. 

The Workaround: Customized Medical & Health Record Software

With custom EMR/EHR software, you can have the system tailored to your organization’s needs and it does not require soaring costs. You no longer have to pay for expensive software that still makes you feel burned out. 

Let Sunvera consult with your healthcare organization and implement a custom solution that takes care of all your needs while reducing the time you and your employees spend using this software. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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