Video Games and AWS Software

Video Games, AWS, and the Modern Age

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As AI and AR slide into our modern day reality, video games are also high scorers among software developers.  The Entertainment Software Association announced that in 2017, 65% of American households contain at least one member who plays video games for 3+ hours per day.  2/3rds of Americans are immersed in the Video Game Software and the figures are steadily growing each year.

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Amazon GameLift

Amazon GameLift is an AWS Service which installs, operates, and scales game servers for session-based multiplayer gaming systems.  Recently Amazon added two new services FleetIQ and Spot Instances which relieve AWS computing capacity for 90% savings when compared with On-Demand pricing.  These new features study player latency, instance prices, and spot interruption rates in order to improve game server sessions.  FleetIQ works specifically to select the region with a fleet that has the lowest interruption and rate and cost.

Video Games and AWS

Amazon FlexMatch

Another feature of AWS is Amazon Gamelift FlexMatch where you can design and fulfill your player matchmaking goals and capacity.  FlexMatch groups players into automatic game session queues for efficient low player latency and high server utilization.  Now with FlexMatch multiplayers will keep coming back for better matches which meet their gaming criteria.

How to Implement AWS technology?

Sunvera Software can work with your business to implement innovative AWS software to improve your video game capacity and move your company into the artificial intelligent and augmented reality modern age.