Another Notification

With the creation of the smart phone, there was the creation of push notifications. The phone would buzz and beep with all those notifications, until you could take it no longer, and had to turn off the push notifications.

This was when the notifications craze first started, but years later they actually help people out.

Think about how push notifications have changed on Facebook. A couple years ago, you would get notifications on anything and everything, and by the time an hour passed by, you were angry. Now Facebook has changed the way that you receive notifications, it only sends a few notifications that seem worthy to you.

Apps in general have stopped sending those annoying notifications, because they know that their app would be in jeopardy of being deleted on a customer’s phone. Instead, apps have gone the “opt in opt out” route. Google Now is a great example on the useful usage of push notifications. It syncs your calendar to the app so that it monitors your time by checking traffics and plotting a route. This information comes in the reminder of a push notifications. All of these extra steps are taken care for you without you having to do anything. This type of push notification is customized to a persons needs.

The new Konsier app also takes these push notifications to a new level. Konsier is like a “concierge” service where it promotes products and items that you would be interested in based on your preferences. The Konsier app uses the “opt in opt out” route. Pretend that you have downloaded the app on your phone, and you have decided to receive notifications on San Juan Hills Golf Club. If you are in front of a Target, and this Target uses this same app, the app will ask you if you would like to receive notifications on this Target. These notifications aren’t annoying; they are catered to your preferences and likings.

Gone are the day of annoying notifications on your phone. Today, most push notifications are aimed to help you instead of annoying you with useless information that you really don’t care about.