Smart Shopping

in-store shopping and smart-shopping Technology has change the way that we live, it has changed the way that we view life, and most importantly it has changed the way that we shop either in-store shopping of online shopping.

Before there was technology, we relied on cutting coupons from magazines and the occasional seasonal deals. The new use of technology has changed this.

Refer to Yelp, people use this service to find a new restaurant, or somewhere they want to go by the amount of ratings. Let’s be real, half of the restaurants we find on Yelp, we would never go there on our own. The way that we do in-store shopping is similar, without hints or guidance from promotions via applications, we would not even have thought to buy or look at some of these products. Similarly, with the use of technology, we can walk into a store, and a notification can be sent to your phone for a new promotion, or a coupon

How does that even work? Pretend that the Konsier app has been downloaded on your phone. Let’s say that you have been looking at this new Samsung Flatscreen tv for a while but wasn’t sure if you should buy it. As you walk past the tv aisle, you get a notification on you phone saying that there is a discount for the tv that you have been wanting for months. Only because of this app do you even buy this tv, and for that you will be forever grateful. This is the new way of receiving promotions and coupons.

This goes beyond the simple notification that can be sent to your phone. It goes beyond a promotion. The reason that you received a notification about this promotion is because you always visited this section of the store, and you were constantly looking at this tv. Konsier new this and understood this. This app is about understanding consumer behavior. By also taking into account your interest for this product, this specific promotion was sent to you.

Technology has changed, and as people so have we. We love coupons and we love sales, but we can’t know about every single item that is on sale, so this type of location based shopping aides us. This type of app helps to create traffic to an item that we would have never bought if not for the notification.