How to Develop Apps in the Cloud

Cloud appThe cloud is changing every business, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The benefits of the cloud are so great and widespread that it is quickly becoming an essential part of doing business today. But developing apps in the cloud presents several challenges that developers have never had to face before.

In the past, developers were primarily concerned with how the application looks and how it functions. This is how developers have been trained to think – the external components and functionality are most important.



However, developing applications for the cloud is different. As a developer, you need to focus on how an application functions in the cloud. You will also need to focus on how your application will perform in the cloud, how it scales with a dynamic user base, how its data is stored, and how you can backup that data.  


Steps to Develop Apps in the Cloud


Developing apps for the cloud is a complex process. It involves several steps to ensure that your application will perform how you want it to. Here are some of the important steps you should consider when developing applications for the cloud:


1.  Know Your Type of Application

While developing apps in the Cloud is a very dynamic and flexible process, how your application is stored and how it will function with users in mind needs to be planned out before hand so that you can have an idea how to work on certain aspects of your application.


2. Consider All Stages of Development

You should plan how you are going to develop your application in the cloud. This includes how you will organize and store your data, how it will run on various platforms, how much load can it handle, how many users can access it simultaneously, and how you will scale your application. Each of these stages requires a different approach for developing apps in the cloud.


3.  Focus on Backups of Your Application

The cloud is a much faster way to develop applications, but how will you back up data?  Most importantly, how will you back up your users data? You need to have a plan beforehand on how you will store your users data locally, so that it is accessible whenever they need to use the application.


4.  Know How Data Is Stored in The Cloud

Knowing how data is stored in the cloud is a good starting point to figure out how your application works in this new dynamic environment.  The way data is stored on the servers of the cloud affects how your application will function and how you access it. You need to have an understanding on how data is stored in the cloud beforehand so that you can have a better idea on how your application will perform.


5.  Make Sure Your Application Is Scalable

The scalability of an application, or your app’s ability to grow and expand as it gains more users, is key to how your application will function in the cloud.  Developing apps for the cloud gives you tremendous flexibility, but scalability is a big factor to take into account, especially when developing apps that store and share customer data.


6. Build Your Application

The next step is to build your application. This may take a few different forms, including the development of the backend code or how your application is structured in terms of how it runs and how data is stored and organized, how users are accessed and how it can handle large volumes of users, how you can scale up with dynamic use, etc.


7.  Update Your Application Visually

Apps in the cloud can be updated according to your UI/UX needs, and you should make sure the design reflects the users’ needs. These needs can change over time, so it is crucial to keep up with their demands. It’s important to make sure that your app looks good in the cloud so that users get a professional experience when using it.  This is especially important if your app has a user interface.


8.  Be Careful How  Choose Your Hosting Service Provider

A lot of hosting service providers out there will claim how their servers are the best – but that’s not always true!  Taking time to do some research and choose a reliable provider will give you a better experience, and more importantly it will guarantee you that your application is backed up properly.

You need to know how your application will look and function in the cloud, so choosing a reliable host is essential.


9.  Test Your Apps In The Cloud

Testing an app before it’s released on the market or marketplaces is very important because it allows you to find any bugs before it is released to a large audience.  The same should be done when you develop apps for the cloud because not only do you want your application to function correctly but also look professional and appealing to users.


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