Sports Betting App Development: Process, Features etc.

Sports betting app

Playing games of chance or skill for money using a remote device such as a tablet computer, smartphone, or mobile phone with a wireless internet connection is known as mobile gambling. If you are looking to develop the next popular mobile gambling app, read on to learn more about sports betting app development, including features, process, and pros and cons in doing so.



Sports betting app development

Betting is a popular kind of entertainment as well as a fun method to make some quick cash. It has been around for a long time and has grown in popularity, attracting individuals of all ages. With the advancement of technology, this never-ending passion and interest in diverse sports has increased. We’re talking about betting mobile apps, which is a fun and entertaining mode. As the leading sports betting app development company, Sunvera Software assures that you will receive a feature-rich custom sports betting app that will help you establish a strong position in the betting business.

Our sports betting app developers are experts at creating concise, industry-specific apps that meet and exceed your expectations. We will use the newest technology and trends to provide you with nothing but the best betting app solution, taking into account all of your demands and requirements. So, place your bet on us and rest confident that you will come out on top.

Betting app developer

A developer should concentrate on these factors when creating sports betting software.

  1. Apply for a gambling license.
  2. Collaborate with seasoned developers.
  3. Think about the features that are a must-have.
  4. Design a user-friendly interface.
  5. Make sure the application is bug-free by testing it.
  6. Publish the betting app and keep it up to date.

Sports betting app development process

Even before you design a betting app, you may face several challenges. To create a gaming application that functions legally and can be used by the general public, you must consider several factors.

Getting a License

The first and most important step is to obtain an online gambling license. It is the only way to get into the gaming business. Without a license, promoting the gambling app and gaining users is impossible.

For obtaining an online gambling license, each country has its own set of rules and restrictions. You must research the jurisdiction of a specific country or state. Working with a knowledgeable lawyer can help you speed up this procedure.

Publishing to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Play market

Google stated in July 2017 that developers can now launch gambling apps on the Play Market. However, there are still strict rules in place to prevent young people from installing these types of apps. A gambling license from the targeted country, for example, is required. Publishers must also make their betting apps free, according to the Play Market.

App store

To submit your betting app to the App Store, you must adhere to Apple’s set of guidelines. They look a lot like Google’s. Any betting app, for example, should be linked to a licensed company and have a geo-fence.

Integrating Payment System

When creating a betting app, you’ll need to use a variety of payment options to ensure that transactions are quick and easy.

Many payment system providers are prepared to work with online gaming sites. Stripe, NETELLER, and Skrill are among the most popular.

Stripe: Stripe is a payment system that allows for quick and secure transactions. This payment system is frequently included because it is simple to use for newcomers. There are, however, some rules when it comes to using Stripe for betting apps.

Neteller: NETELLER is one of the most popular payment providers, with millions of customers. The major benefits of this system are its high level of security and the ability to conduct transactions quickly and anonymously.

Skrill: This payment provider caters to the gambling industry with a variety of services. Skrill provides its users with privacy as well as a simple way to cash out their profits…

Considering UI/UX Design

How can you create a betting app that attracts a large number of users? You must pay attention to UI/UX design that is user-friendly and intuitive.

According to current trends, applications should have a basic interface that is free of unnecessary components. Small animations, on the other hand, are quite prevalent. You can, for example, create motion or animated transitions between the screens.

Because people are visual animals, you must pay attention to design to provide value to your customers. It’s preferable to work with experienced designers who can produce a high-quality interface.

Cost to build a betting app

The cost of developing a sports betting app is determined by the features you want to include, the technology stack you select, and the location of the app developers you hire.

The more complicated your app is, the more expensive it will be. The same may be said for your app’s creators’ location. If you hire an American or European App Developer, you may expect to pay between $50 and $80 per hour.

However, if you hire Asian Developers, you may expect to pay them $25-$30 per hour. It’s also not simply app development when it comes to creating an app. In addition, you’ll have to pay for UI/UX designs, app testing, and project management costs.

For a better understanding, below is a detailed breakdown of the cost of developing a sports betting app, taking into account all of the processes involved:

That is all there is to it. It would cost you about $30,000-$35,000 to construct a sports betting app with all of the above-mentioned must-have features. However, if you want to include additional features, the price can rise to $42,000.

Keep in mind that this is only a basic estimate, and the cost of developing mobile sports betting apps can increase or decrease depending on which features are included or removed.

How a betting app makes money

Companies that deal in sports betting make money by charging a commission on losing bets, a practice known as the vigorous. A sports book’s cut or the amount charged for taking a bet is known as vig, or vigorous, in slang language. The vig is only collected by the sportsbook if the bettor loses the bet.

User panel

Our sports betting app developers frequently integrate the following features into your product. It allows customers to log in and use the application according to their preferences.

Sign-in: This is the first screen that users will see when they open the app. They can sign up for the app using their social media or email credentials.

Live Scores: This is the main screen of the app, where logged-in users may see the live scores of the matches they want to wager on.

Alerts with Results: All notifications concerning the player’s performance and conclusions are provided to the user in this part.

How do you make a betting website?

  1. Decide on a betting niche (football, basketball, horse riding, eSports, etc.).
  2. Decide on a development strategy (from scratch, get likened software, become a licensee).
  3. Get a bookmaker’s license in the jurisdiction you want to work in.

Pros and cons of betting app


1.Portability and ease of use.

The most common reason why people are lured to wager on their mobile devices is the same reason why they are so popular in the first place. Tablets and smartphones are popular because of their tiny size and portability. Being able to gamble in any part of the house or even on the road is cool.


Mobile devices give you greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling your betting activities because they are so portable. You can place a live bet on a sporting event while at work if you want to. You can use your smartphone to keep track of your bets from your bedside table at night if an event is taking place halfway around the world.


1. The little screen is uncomfortable.

On a small smartphone screen, you can only see one element at a time, so if you wanted to watch a live stream and bet at the same time, you’d have to flip back and forth a lot. If you’re stressed and in a hurry to place your bets, you’re more likely to fumble and make mistakes. Furthermore, watching a sporting event live on a mobile phone is not the ideal way to pick up on fast action or little details. On a small mobile display, a player’s facial expression can sometimes tell you something important about the action unfolding, but you might miss it entirely.

2.The number of third-party APIs is limited.

Third-party APIs can be extremely useful for sports betting, but the choices for desktop and laptop platforms are far larger than for mobile devices.

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